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Fash the Nation Gets Banned on SoundCloud

Many of us were horrified when Alt Right staple podcast Fash the Nation, the most popular podcast in the Right Stuff white nationalist podcast network, hit the top spot in one of the political subcategories at SoundCloud. Like most Alt Right podcasts, Fash the Nation relies on platforms like SoundCloud to meet most of their audience since these reach the largest listening audience. They are also violating the Terms of Service given their pervasive use of racial slurs, arguments that people of color have lower IQs than whites, Holocaust Denial, and other forms of racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and generally disgusting banter.

After many anti-fascists, including Anti-Fascist News, began a campaign to let SoundCloud know exactly what Fash the Nation, the Daily Shoah, and other white nationalist podcasts were using SoundCloud for, they were officially banned and removed from the podcast platform. After being let know that they were “dedicated to violating the Terms of Service,” their shows were all removed from their hosting and they were prohibited from posting new shows. As the largest and most popular white nationalist podcast in the country, this is a major blow to their effort. This comes after the Daily Shoah was banned on SoundCloud, then used another name to get back on. They were banned once again along with Fash the Nation after anti-fascists let SoundCloud know that they were attempting to go under the radar.

While this is a victory, there are still several dozen other white nationalist podcasts that are still using SoundCloud. They have to continue to be exposed and removed, disallowing these racists a platform for their violent rhetoric. They are attempting to build their own platform for hosting and podcasting currently, and we hope they do as it will further marginalize them and shrink their echo chamber. They require social media and broad hosting platforms to mainstream their message, and if they slowly are banned from these services they will only be accessible to their ideological core.

Below we are including the contact information to report these podcasts to SoundCloud, as well as a list of open white nationalist Alt Right podcasts that are using SoundCloud to extend their reach of violence.  Write and call in and let them know that you do not support these voices of racial nationalism and reactionary force on SoundCloud!

Alt Right Podcasts

  • Fash the Nation [BANNED]
  • Radio ThreeFourteen
  • Radix Journal Podcast
  • Red Ice Radio
  • The Weekly Narrative
  • Radio Free Skyrim
  • TRS Radio [BANNED]
  • The New Alternative Right
  • WhiteHotTakes
  • The WaifView
  • One the Front
  • The Nation of One
  • Manifest Destiny
  • Rick Tyler for Congress
  • Kulturkampf
  • The Dingoes
  • NPI America
  • NewEuropeRadio
  • The Fatherland
  • Musonius Rufus
  • Nationalist Public Radio
  • RightOn Radio
  • Stefan Molyneaux


Contact SoundCloud to report the podcasts at:

Here you can report the above podcasts for hate speech, which all of them openly violate.  TRS Radio especially violates this as they are broadcasting a podcast that was already banned explicitly.


Portland Concert to Raise Money for Sacramento Anti-Fascist Prisoners

With the recent Sacramento anti-fascist action confronting the Golden State Skinheads and the Traditionalist Youth Network still in our minds, it is critical that the community continues to rally in support of those who put themselves on the line.  After many of the neo-Nazis stabbed several protesters the police ignored the clear violations from the fascists and leveled ridiculously inflated charges against several protesters involved.  There has been fundraising efforts to support those targeted since the beginning, and now many organizations are coming together to do their own fundraising events to contribute to these efforts to fund medical care and fair legal representation.

Rose City Antifa and the Portland chapter of Anarchist Black Cross, both of which are known for their long-standing commitment to anti-fascist organizing, have put together a fundraising concert to raise money to send down to Sacramento and to further fund the “postcards to prisoners” program from Portland ABC.

According to their listing:

Benefit show co-sponsored by Rose City Antifa and Portland ABC for The International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners!

-Proceeds go to Sacramento Antifascists’ medical and legal expenses!
-Postcards to Prisoners Table to fill out postcards to antifascist prisoners around the world!
-Awesome local bands!
-Fly merch to show your support!

More about the International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners:

Fund for Sacramento Antifa:

Rose City Antifa:
Portland ABC:

Traditionalist Youth Network Gets Fundraising Blocked by PayPal

The Traditionalist Youth Network and their leader Matthew Heimbach’s attempt to fundraise on their massive loss in Sacramento has been shut down by a massive show of pressure by anti-racist community organizers.

The Traditionalist Youth Network and their political wing, the Traditionalist Workers Party, linked up with neo-Nazi skinheads and KKK members throughout California to have their rally against multiculturalism in Sacramento. TradYouth, which often tries to act as a working-class oriented Alt Right organization, likes to mask its fascist ideological roots. This rarely works since it shares members with the Golden State Skinheads and Sac City Skinheads as well as various neo-Nazi and Klan groups.

The event was shut down when hundreds of anti-fascist protesters arrived, canceling down their event before it happened, forcing their permit to be voided, battling them out in the open in a large street action, and chased the NAzis out of the park. In response, TradYouth started stabbing people.

Afterwards, TradYouth claimed “victory” even though their event was shut down and they were publicly beaten and humiliated. They then continued to fundraise through PayPal, asking supporters to give money to the Traditionalist Youth Network LLC. This fundraising effort was shared on neo-Nazi and Alt Right websites while they went on social media calling their members “Spartans” who went up against Antifa.

This plan violates PayPal’s terms of use, which says that they will not support any racialist or terrorist organization. We published an article asking supporters to call in and email and ask PayPal to review their account and cancel their fundraising effort. By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) sent a powerful public message that PayPal heard, and the company listened.

TradYouth LLC

On Tuesday, TradYouth announced that they had their account blocked and were unable to receive donations. When someone attempts to use their fundraising link a warning comes up and lists that the recipient was unable to receive payments.

This is a major victory, one that follows the strong showing of community power this last Sunday. Cutting off their line of funds is an important part of stopping the violence that they spread and their attempts to threaten and intimidate communities of color.

Click here if you would like to give support to the anti-fascist protesters injured by the attack in Sacramento.



Google Drops the Anti-Semitic (((Echo))) App from App Store

Anything associated with the Alt Right and popular blogs and podcasts of their ilk, such as the Daily Stormer or the Daily Shoah, seem to have a short shelf life in the non-racist world.

As we have reported on in the past, at length, the Daily Shoah and the Right Stuff have contributed quite a bit to neo-fascism and white nationalism in terms of language. They have created dozens, if not hundreds, of slang terms and memes for the far right, giving them their own internal language.

One of their favorites of these is the “echo.” Like most white nationalists and neo-Nazis, the Alt Right is incredibly anti-Semitic. Drawing on the work of people like Kevin McDonald, they see Jews as being in a struggle of ethnic conflict inside of their “host” societies in Western nations. Jews then create “pseudoscientific” ideas like Freudianism, Marxism, capitalism, etc, all to destabilize the rightful ethnic nationalism of white Europeans. If they do this, so their conspiracy theory goes, Jews can then outcompete Europeans for resources, then dominating institutions like investment banks and the media.

For this reason they say that Jewish last names “echo” through history and important institutions, and they try to prove this Jewish conspiracy by pointing out Jewish, or Jewish sounding, last names of people in positions of political or social power. None of this actually explains how Jews do this, how all of these political and social systems are false and traced back to Jewish ethnic interests, or how Jews know how to fall in line with this grand conspiracy by virtue of a few shared genes.

Never the less, they, like most on the far right, prove their accusation simply by pointing at anything they do not like and finding Jewish last names associated with it. Immigration, “cultural Marxism,” free market politics, pedophilia, pornography, feminism, and just about all other “degeneracies” that have no connection to each other are put under this umbrella.

The symbols they are using in text for these echoes are a parenthesis on each side, for example: (((name))). This is to say the name “echoes,” and it has been an inside joke for almost a year now on racist Twitter and Facebook. Because it is not as well known as other words of racial abuse, it does not get flagged easily on social media.

A Daily Shoah affiliate even created a Google Chrome extension that puts the echoes on Jewish last names automatically, and will crash your browser if you go to the Wikipedia page for neoconservatism because of the number of Jewish names. The extension was named the Coincidence Detector, another inside joke saying, “Look at all the Jewish names, must be a “coincidence.”

In the last week reports have come out about the echo internationally, with places like Gizmodo, Mic, and dozens of other news sites covering it. In response, Google dropped the app almost immediately, refusing to participate in such a disgusting form of anti-Semitic harassment. The app has about 2,500 users and has a five-star rating, which shows the level of reach that the Alt Right has.

The Right Stuff was obviously angry about it being pulled, so then they released their own new shirts featuring the (((Coincidence))). They are selling these over at Tee Spring, where they also had their Standard Pool Company and Fash the Nation shirts for sale. It won’t be long before pressure if put on Tee Spring and those shirts are taken down as well.

They also put up an article called “How to Spot a Jew in a World Without a Coincidence Detector,” which basically tells you what a Jewish name might look.

The most obvious clues the books details are Jewish names. One of the most obvious ways to identify a Jewish name is to take note of the suffix, the most famous suffix in the West being (((((((-BURG))))))). You can mishmash anything in front of it, but usually if there is a (((-burg))) at the end of a last name you know you are dealing with a Jew. Here is a short list of Jewish suffixes to watch out for. Remember this is only a clue to one’s heritage; there is a small chance this might be a goy.

  • -burg or -berg
  • -stein
  • -blatt
  • -man
  • -mann

And remember these names can be mish mashed together. You can have Steinburgs, Burgsteins or even Steinmanns. There are also the more popular Jewish family names that don’t use an identifiable suffix or even a set spelling. Names like:

  • -S(c)hapiro (sometimes spelled different from LITTLE BENJI)
  • -Cohen
  • -Katz
  • -Kaplan

All of these names echo and can help you build your 5th-generation Jewdar. But are there any other ways to identify Jews than just their names?

This is about the extent of their deep thinking about the Jewish Question(or the JQ as they call it), and it is worthwhile to continue to point out that their “grand theory” about Jewish “influence” is just gutteral anti-Semitism couched in fancy sounding words.

March in Support of Omaha Eppley Three and Nebraska Trump Protesters

The Omaha, Nebraska Police Department has decided to follow the lead of other reactionary departments around the country in pursuing protesters who confronted the fascist Donald Trump campaign in recent weeks.  On May 6th, there were three key arrests of protesters who were challenging the quick appearance by Donald Trump before he made his way to Eugene, Oregon.  While the Trump campaign supporters shuffled into the venue they hurled racial epithets at the protesters of color, and when the police came in they decided to go after the people of color while leaving their white comrades untouched.

As the Unified for Our Rights campaign says, which was created to confront the attack on the protester’s right to confront oppression, this is a matter of free speech as much as anything.

Just a few days ago, the Omaha Police Officers Association (OPOA) released a letter in regards to the “Omaha Eppley Three” arrests.

FYI – “Omaha Eppley Three” is the arrests that were made during the Trump Rally/Protest on May 6th. These 3 black activists were arrested while our fellow white activists were given a chance to stand down. The trump supporters were allowed to spit on and shove protestors while using racial slurs.

The OPOA specifically named Tan Oliver and is threatening to pursue legal actions against her and anyone who supports her.

This is a threat to our FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!

“To suppress freedom of speech is a double wrong. It violates the rights of the hearer as well as those of the speaker
– Frederick Douglass

We will not continue to go unaware, unheard and underestimated. We need to make it known that we will not sit down and shut up.

The march is going to be going from the Gene Leahy Mall on the Douglas St. side and then march to the Police Station on this Saturday, June 4th.

RSVP to the Event on Facebook

Black Bear Apologizes for Oi!Fest, Santos Party House Closes Down

Whenever a large racist skinhead show makes its way to town it leaves a disastrous trail in its wake.

As many of you have been watching, NYC Antifa and antifascists from around the country have been raising the profile of the neo-Nazi Oi!Fest 2016 concert coming to New York City.  Oxblood, Offensive Weapon, Battle Zone, Close Shave and others fill out a line-up that has become the edge of the “white noise” music scene.

The show was originally booked at the Black Bear Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This was not overly surprising as the bar had been a venue to the controversial Operation Equinox tour from the nationalist post-industrial website Heathen Harvest. Though the racist side of neofolk is often less known to venues, antifascists called in and made it incredibly clear what Heathen Harvest was promoting and the problematic behavior of several of the bands on the bill, including Blood and Sun.

This time the show was less ambiguous, and made up of a more working-class fascist contingent rather than the esoteric mysticism of the neofolk crowd.

After the announcement came in, people went to their social media and called in to share their disappointment with Black Bear once again siding with Nazis. This time Black Bear Bar eventually caved in and canceled the show. They quickly put up an apology, backtracking for their booking.

It is with deep remorse, shared by all members of the BlackBear Bar team that we write this statement expressing our apologies to our neighbors, customers, patrons, friends and the artistic community for our part in the Oi fest, which was scheduled at BlackBear this past weekend. We have decided to cancel the remainder of this event and sincerely regret our negligence in allowing this to happen

To best grasp how this happened, it’s important to understand the nuance of the day-to-day operations of a music venue. There are a number of team members, both internal and external, which allow us to provide quality programming seven days a week. This community includes a number of outside promoters. Many of these promoters are folks with whom we have worked for a number of years and built strong, trusting relationships with.

One of these promoters brought us this event, with a short list of bands who would take part in the weekend, including Oxblood as a headliner, who did meet our booking standards. It wasn’t until much later, and after much assurance to the contrary, that the problematic nature of this event was brought to our attention. Obviously we should have and take full responsibility for the lack of oversight.
We acted as fast as we could and have cancelled the duration of the program. We have made it clear to the parties involved that we want absolutely no part in the values represented by and through this event.

As one of the last independently owned and operated creative spaces in Williamsburg, Black Bear has hosted all forms of diverse creative expression, from GLBTQ parties, Latino, Asian, hip hop, R ‘N B, Burlesque, performance art, progressive political events, and community outreach initiatives. For that we take full responsibility and would like to extend our sincere apologies to the community for our negligence. We can assure you all that this incident has been eye opening to us, and forced us to readjust our booking procedures. We will continue to host events that meet our highest standards and promote tolerance and inclusiveness in all forms.

While Black Bear was the venue, the promoter, a man named Curtis, was who brought it to them. He later issued another statement trying to defend against the growing backlash.

The purpose of this letter is to sincerely apologize to Black Bear Bar, New Island Presents and our community for my part in renting Black Bear Bar to promoters for May 28ths shows. As a venue finder, I occasionally work with these entities to book various shows with promoters looking for venues, which is the case here. Unfortunately we did not properly screen this event.

Let’s be clear, neither the venue nor I have any association with this group of people outside of allowing someone looking to rent or(sic) venue without thoroughly enough screening the show. Neither the venue nor myself had any involvement in booking or promoting and of the bands for this night.

While we had no behavior issues of any sort at this event, it becomes apparent that their(sic) are underlying political tones to the genre that can be very offensive. The show was explained to us as a punk rock show and underlying details were obscured. We missed the mark.

I would encourage members of our community to not lay blame to the venue for said show as they always (sic) professional, considerate and host to a huge variety of wholesome music. Once again, I sincerely apologize for my role in this event and hope our community can allow us some understanding and forgive.

While Black Bear did host the first night of the show, they canceled the second night leaving Oi!Fest without a venue. That is when they went to the Santos Party House, a club that is co-owned by Andrew WK and the rapper Despot (among several others). Antifascist organizers reached out to Andrew WK and Despot via social media to ask them why their venue would host such an event. While Andrew WK remained silent, Despot was angered by the insinuation that he had anything to do with it and lashed out. Santos even bent over backwards to host the neo-Nazis and canceled the band Emergency Protocol’s show to clear the venue.

Someone known as New York Year Zero on Twitter came out to the venue to see exactly what type of people were at this show. His photos reveal pretty clearly that this was a group closely allied with neo-Nazi street scenes from the U.S. and Europe, and claims that it was a non-racist skinhead were false.


Skinheads at the show were reportedly Seig Heiling even though they were asked by promoters not to because it ends up as photographic evidence.  The code-word they use to refer to this is “waving to Kyle.”


Things were apparently not doing well for the Santos Party House as they closed down the day after Oi!Fest, even though there were still dates booked later into the summer.

The bands in question have remained relatively silent throughout the affair, with only Oxblood going to their Facebook page to post a picture from the first night filled with angry skinheads moshing. The most popular (by Nazi standards) bands on the bill have tried their best to avoid clear associations with their Nazi roots, but those connections are clear when their rhetoric is stripped away.

Paul Dirk, a member of Close Shave, also played for neo-Nazi bands like Razors Edge and English Rose who released albums on well-known Nazi labels like Dim Records. They are known for other acts like Panzerknacker, Ultima Thule, Combat 84, and Celtic Warrior.

Close Shave

As Anti-Fascists Online reported, Close Shave has tried to become a more mainstream Oi! band by hiding their Nazi roots.

Like many other far right bands they try to hide the fact in public and go to great lengths to deny it but the proof is in the pudding as they are still writing right wing lyrics to their most recent songs.

They have played with many of the notorious White Power bands in Britain such as the gigs they did in 1989 – May 6th in Loughborough with Violent Storm, English Rose, Skullhead and Guttersnipe Army, May 13th in Consett with Skullhead, and another in Consett on October 28th with Skullhead and Brutal Attack. Not to mention a more recent gig with American boneheads Brassic.

They’ve also played support to Skrewdriver during Skrewdriver’s nazi period. In fact over the years Close Shave have play­ed with al­most every Nazi / RAC band doing the rounds. They even name check Skull­head on one of their Link Re­cords re­lea­ses.

In 1993 Close Shave played a gig in Germany with nazi band Razors Edge and a few others. That gig was recently released on DVD. The cover shows white Skinheads attacking black people.

Close Shave still regularly play with extremist right wing bands and RAC bands.
Every year in Blackpool there’s a “secret” gig for fascist bands who aren’t welcome at the Rebellion festival. Close Shave is regularly part of that line-up. Not only does the band play, but it have they also played a part in organizing it.

Offensive Weapon has followed Close Shave’s lead in attempting to create a complicated smokescreen that provides some level of cover for their politics and history. They have released an album with the openly neo-Nazi record label Pure Impact, and the lead singer often wears an “Anti ANTIFA” shirt that is popular among the Nazi subculture. They attempt to describe themselves just as “patriotic,” but when their lyrics and relationships are put on the table, it ends up just being a cowardly attempt at avoiding their associations.

Battle Zone has a more obvious history, as they were a staple in the British neo-Nazi skinhead scene until their first break-up in 1994. The lead singer, Alex Ellui, moved to Peru from England after pressure from his “comrades” in Combat 18. They have tried to be “non-political” since then, but that is merely a way of avoiding the complications that racist organizing brought them in the past. While they try to avoid explicit politics in their lyrics, they continue to tour with bands that do and keep the racist skinhead scene close to their heart. They even get nostalgic on occasion and bring back earlier racialist lyrics in their songs and join in at Rock Against Communism events.

While many of the bands try to hide behind relationships with nationalists of color, their crews and goals are obvious. What is even clearer is that the community around them is not going to tolerate their attempt at holding public events. Not only were antifascist organizers ready when Oi!Fest began in NYC, but the rest of community revolted against the venues that were bold enough to host them. The response from the Black Bear Bar is a good sign that bands like this will be hitting the black list, and that anti-racist values are being set as a standard for music and art venues in the city.

This should also send a message to non-racist Oi! bands to make sure an avoid the racist side as it looks like shows like Oi!Fest are intended to appeal to the non-political Trojan skinhead crowd as well.

Big thanks to much of the research from The Brooklyn Vegan, NYC Antifa, Anti-Fascist Online, New York Year Zero, and others.

Black Bear Cancels Oi!Fest Amid Antifascist Protest, Nazis Move to Santos Party House

Feeling the force of antifascist pressure from NYC Antifa and others, the Black Bear Bar in Brooklyn finally decided to cancel the Oi!Fest 2016 skinhead concert they were hosting.  The bar had provided cover to the neo-Nazis organizing the concert, just as they did previously by supporting the neofolk Operation Equinox tour, using the few multi-racial members of the skinhead bands as a cover.  As people have noticed, this group of nationalist skinheads have reached out to nationalists of color to create a more “multi-racial” fascist subculture, and one that often confuses those looking for traditional racial separatism.

It was this multiracial character that Black Bear used to defend themselves as antifascists descended on their social media.  On Facebook, they spent all evening defending themselves against allegations of aiding Nazi gangs.  People from around the country, but especially New York, posted on there, sharing stories of Black Bear regularly supporting “Rock Against Communism” shows and using traditional Nazi insignia in the bar.  The bar repeatedly tried to point to Asian and Latin American members of some of the bands as proof that this was a non-racist skinhead show, yet members of the community immediately posted information about neo-Nazism in Latin and Asian communities that they were attempting to create alliances with.

In a recent article, the Southern Poverty Law Center took a special look at the inclusion of people of color in this otherwise racialist scene .  They pointed out that many of these street fascist movements, which this brand of skinheads inhabit in the United States, have had several attempts to “rebrand” themselves using a tenuous multi-racial alliance.

From the 1980s to the mid-2000s, the dominant brand within the far-right sector of skinhead subculture was neo-nazism, and such interracial co-mingling would have been unthinkable. In truth, there have always been skinheads of varying degrees of “whiteness” across the world who have sought to uphold strains of far-right politics.

A prime example of how race is falling away as the dominant organizer within the extremist skinhead music scene occurred in 2013.

Bound For Glory, one the first neo-nazi skinhead bands to emerge here, toured Japan with Aggro Knuckle, one of that country’s oldest skinhead bands. The two also released a split-record together. In that way, NYC Oi! Fest is an important microcosm of the landscape of “hate music” worldwide. Last year’s installment brought bands to New York City from as far away as Finland and Mexico.

“Oi,” after all, encapsulates a broad range of skinhead-oriented punk and rock ‘n’ roll. Most Oi! fests and concerts book bands who offer little-to-no political overtones or messages. Their songs and the shows themselves often revolve around drinking and other subcultural markers, like banal expressions of patriotism. By inserting “Oi!” into its title, the fest’s promotors –– Dennis Davila of United Riot Records chief among them –– are putting forth their version of what skinhead identity and music should exist as, while directing hostility towards outsider and those they “other.”

There is, of course, historical precedent for this. Efforts to reframe skinhead identity and music were first undertaken by the neo-Nazi political party National Front in England in the early 1980s. The efforts of those organizing NYC Oi! Fest –– a long-standing crew calling itself the 211 Bootboys, of which Davilia is a member –– aren’t wholly dissimilar from the National Front’s attempts to attract skinheads to their worldview.

They go on to outline the violent homophobic and nationalist lyrics of bands in the Oi!Fest line-up, including Brassic.  They have allowed Nazi skinhead crews to make Oi!Fest an annual meet-up point, and bands like Brassic have had explicit Nazis set up their shows around Europe.

Anti-fascist writer Spencer Sunshine outlines the complicated nature of these seeming “multi-racial” alliances that we are seeing in this skinhead event, as well as in circles like National Anarchism and radical traditionalist circles.

Today, neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan are no longer the only groups that endorse White separatism. This is partly due to the secessionist fever that has spread across the U.S. Right, uniting Right Libertarians, conspiracy theorists, Christian theocrats, Sovereign Citizens, neo-Confederates, and traditional White separatists. New groups advocate “pan-secessionist” ideology, and seek to unite the right-wing secessionists with those traditionally closer to the Left, like (bio)regional separatism in Vermont and Cascadia, former Leftist Kirkpatrick Sale’s decentralist Middlebury Institute, and nationalist organizing by those who, in the old anti-imperialist terminology, are “oppressed nations” (Native Americans, African-Americans, Latinos, and other people of color).

However, the most contentious question today is the direct participation of people of color in groups that espouse White separatism as part of their ideology. Loosely organized groups like National-Anarchists, Attack the System, and New Resistance, which actively embrace White separatism as part of their decentralized schema, should be excluded from progressive circles—including people of color who are members of these groups.  This also includes members of groups that are multi-racial, but which promote this political view.

In addition to these groups, some people of color are involved in openly fascist circles. Neo-Nazi groups are active in countries such as Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Mongolia, and Malaysia; and members of these movements reportedly have ties in the United States.

In the past, Leftists excluded White people affiliated with groups that espoused White separatism, such as White Aryan Resistance (WAR) and Aryan Nations. But this new secessionism is more complicated; for example, it has led to the spectacle of people of color advocating for the legitimacy of White separatism—by claiming either that all separatism is good separatism, or that a program of complete reciprocal racial separatism requires that all groups have their own geographical enclave.

Cooperation between racial separatists of differing backgrounds is a long-standing tradition. In the 1930s, when Mississippi’s arch-racist Senator Theodore Bilbo publicly called for the expulsion of African-Americans to Africa, members of Marcus Garvey’s movement (themselves proponents of African-American emigration to Africa) approached Bilbo as a potential collaborator. The Nation of Islam (NOI) also has a history of associating with White nationalists, including the Ku Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party; Malcolm X cited these associations as one of the reasons he became disgruntled with NOI. WAR’s Tom Metzger has supported and donated money to NOI and has addressed the New Black Panther Party (NBPP). In Florida, one Black separatist organization even held joint demonstrations with a local Klan group.

However, calling for the exclusion of all supporters of White separatism should not be mistaken for a call for progressives to exclude activists who endorse nationalist forms of separatism for people of color, including Black, Native American, or Latino nationalists. It is only the advocacy of White racial separatism that is at issue. While the acceptance of what is called the “right to national self-determination” of racial and ethnic minorities as congruent with larger left-wing goals is not without its critics (including myself), it has a long-established history on the U.S. Left, and its advocates have included the Black Panther Party, the American Indian Movement, and the Young Lords. However, irrespective of the debates around it, national self-determination by an oppressed group of people is completely different from the “right” of White separatism. White separatism has never had a place in the Left, and its structural function is to reinforce—and not attempt to escape (regardless of whether this would work in practice or not)—existing social hierarchies. In the United States, White people as a group are firmly in control of the majority of economic resources and social power. White separatism is comparable to espousing gated communities for the rich: its purpose is to physically express existing hierarchical social and economic structures.

This type of alliance is something that white nationalists in all circles are going to continue to try and pull from in an attempt to show that “fascism is for everyone.”  Even the most recent American Renaissance conference had a Mexican speaker discussing racial nationalism, and they occasionally post that they have Latino participants in their crowd who are there advocating for their own racial separatism.  Japanese nationalism, often tied to romantic notions about Imperial Japan and national Shinto, is a special favorite for this crowd, and often is used by white nationalists as proof that they have a coherent ideology that is not just a vessel for angry bigotry.  There are very few people of color associating with these white nationalists, but it is a rhetorical strategy that has helped to neutralize opposition who are not aware of these strategic developments on the far-right.


Black Bear eventually went to Twitter to announce that the show for Sunday, May 29th had been canceled.

The show is actually being moved to the Santos Party House, having just been announced at 3:30pm EST.   That venue is co-owned by rocker Andrew W. K, who very well may not know what is going on. Fascists are hoping that the antifascist opposition will miss this news, but with a growing contingent in New York City looking to shut it down it will be hard for them to hide.  NYC Antifa will be calling for a boycott of Santos Party House if the show is successfully held there.

Contact them and let them know what you think!

Chip Su: 212-584-5492,
Jackalyn Tipchaieuh: (out of the office but send her an email anyway!)

Also let Andrew W.K. know what is going on!

ANDREW WK on Twitter:

Big thanks to NYC Antifa for all of their research and work!

Battle for Sacramento: Antifa Sacramento to Confront Traditionalist Workers Party on June 26th


Sacramento is the site of a sort of Nazi “mega-rally” that is bringing together disparate elements of the extreme right in an attempt to flex the muscles of organized white supremacy.  Anti-Fascist Action Sacramento has taken on this challenge and is rallying the community to show the insurrectionary white supremacists that Sacramento is not going to tolerate their swastikas and threats of violence.

On June 26th, The Traditionalist Workers Party, the political wing of Matthew Heimbach’s Traditionalist Youth Network, has called for a public action.  Starting in the Alt Right, the TYN/TWP has quickly moved towards more street racist organizations and is affiliating, to some degree, with The Sacto Skins, Golden State Skinheads, National Socialist Movement, California Skinheads (CAS), Blood & Honor and the Ku Klux Klan.

Matthew Heimbach was recently fired from his attempt to work as a family case manager for Indiana social services when his nationalism was discovered.  This was easy since he violently attacked and removed an African American protester at a Donald Trump rally, as well as continuing his far-right street activism in opposition to things like immigration, same-sex marriage, and Black Lives Matter.  He gained notoriety earlier in his life for forming the White Student Union at the Towson University Campus, and later was connected with the Aryan Terror Brigade, the American Freedom Party, and the League of the South.

Heimbach and TYN/TWP is holding a rally on the steps of the California capitol building in Sacramento, at 1315 10th St, Sacramento, California(95814).  The event is somewhat of a wildcard in terms of attendance, yet it will likely include all of the open racists from the surrounding area.  For those in California, this will not come as a surprise since skinhead gangs and KKK locals have been there for years, and now the Donald Trump campaign has made them feel emboldened.

According to Sacramento Antifa:

Anti-Fascist Action Sacramento does not believe in allowing hate to have a platform and we are calling upon the community to shut down their rally. Fighting fascism is a moral duty, not a political one. We believe most people are good and are willing to stand up against racial hatred. Our objective is to force the nazis off our streets and to send a strong message that they are not welcome in society and especially Sacramento.

Antifa Sacramento believes in non-sectarian defense of other anti-fascists and a multi-faceted approach to fighting racism. This means that individual people have their own methods of combating hate and we do not criticize others tactics. Our objective is never violence. We believe that hate should not have a platform in our community and we are determined to shut them down. Ignoring them DOES NOT make them go away and will only perpetuate the problem we already have.

On June 26th, they are asking people to arrive by 9am and it runs until 3pm.  You can RSVP at the Facebook event, which is a good idea since the guest list is actually private.  Sacramento Antifa has also provided a great deal of background information on that page, so you can learn even more about the major players in the far-right who are putting this event together.


Alt Right Writer Milo Yiannopoulos Speaking at University of Oregon

The Alt Right’s new renaissance is being facilitated by crossover points into the semi-mainstream that it needs to survive. Infowars connects it to conspiracy theory and militia movements. Donald Trump mainstreams their narratives about nationalism and immigration. Breitbart, and its hip younger correspondents, are helping to bridge their fascist perspectives with the fashionable right-wing side of Conservative America.

As we covered at length in an early article on Breitbart’s portrayal of the Alt Right, Milo Yiannopoulos has become the primary vessel for that Breitbart crossover. Milo’s primary goal seems to be insulting and offensive to what he derides as the “PC culture” of safe spaces, trigger warnings, and micro aggressions. Since he describes himself as a libertarian, his language choices are often intended to make him simply sound like a brash, iconoclastic attention-seeker. It is the fact that he openly admires and identifies with the Alt Right and that he uses a fascist lining in his rhetoric that is making him of interest to anti-fascists.

In Eugene, Oregon, which recently saw a visit by Donald Trump and has been seeing threats on students of color from KKK affiliates, the University of Oregon chapter of Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) is bringing Milo to campus for an evening of “trigger warnings.” YAL has been around since the 2008 failed candidacy of Ron Paul, and generally brings together the right-wing cultural side of the Paul campaign that has always bridged paleolibertarianism with white nationalist influences. Their Visualize the Debt campaign was their largest effort, which was a relatively generic national debt alarmist approach to force in aggressive austerity cuts to social services. They have done general rabble-rousing things like handing out cigarettes at “no smoking” college campuses and making issues about GoProud’s invitation at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

In a more real way, they are filling the space that was earlier occupied by Youth for Western Civilization (YWC). That organization, founded by right-wing activist Kevin DeAnna who is now a member of the Wolves of Vinland, was an edge organization that used conservative cover for nationalist goals. Hosting people like anti-immigration extremist politician Tom Tancredo and Pat Buchanan’s offensive sister, Bay Buchanan, they flirted openly with people like American Renaissance’s Jared Taylor. Members of YWC went on to form White Student Unions as well as the Traditionalist Youth Network, while somehow Kevin DeAnna has maintained his connections to the broader Beltway conservative movement through a staff position at the Leadership Institute and World Net Daily.

The campus activism of YAL does seem to be slightly more libertarian focused in terms of economics, but its social space is intended to be exactly what Milo represents.  Thomas Tullis, the YAL organizer bringing Milo, says that they don’t agree with everything he says, but it is sort of a litmus test for Free Speech.  Milo’s version of the Alt Right is one where by certain pieces of the ideology are pulled out of context, while others are softened. He does acknowledge the racial identity and anti-egalitarianism of the Alt Right, which he seems to share, but he says that much of the more blatant white nationalism, racism, and anti-Semitism are really just offensive jokes meant to attack progressive PC culture. It is this false characterization that has gotten him critics on the Alt Right, most loudly Andrew Anglin of the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer.


Milo’s general point of view has been one that flirts with the open racial politics under the cover of offensive double-speak, and his queer identity is one that has often shielded him from critics. The fact that his “homosexual” identification is a non-issue for groups like YAL is a further testament that homophobia is on the chopping block for the fascist Alt Right, who would rather have masculine queer men that stand against race mixing and feminism.

This can be seen especially clearly with his relationship with Jack Donovan, a queer tribalist author who is also a member of the Wolves of Vinland and speaks at National Policy Institute and American Renaissance conferences. When Milo publishes his feature article on the Alt Right, Donovan commended him for it, which noted that they were Facebook friends. Donovan recently went on Milo’s own podcast, where they further celebrated Donovan’s new book, “Becoming a Barbarian.”

Milo is coming to the University of Oregon on May 10th, where he will be speaking in Columbia Hall, room 150, at 7:00pm. In their advertisement for the event he threatens that anyone who attempts to challenge him will be on video from “50 cameras,” and it has been his general career path to try and single out people for harassment and threats. Milo’s official title is Technology Editor at Breitbart, but he is more and more becoming a professional personality for the offensive Internet far right who has made trolling and hate speech its bread and butter. Somehow he is still allowed into major political press events, including White House press briefings.

What Milo presents is an opening for anti-fascists to confront the crossover points that fascist commentary has had into the broader right-wing. Breitbart and other publications should be pressured to single out and cut ties with people like Milo for their racialist perspective and the way they use their professional resources to embolden white nationalists.

This can start by confronting Milo at this event, coordinating with student and anti-fascist organizations, and making campuses a hostile place both for him and the organizations that support him.

Alt Right ‘Safe Space’ Public Meeting Happening at UC Berkeley on Friday, May 6th

Something strange is happening this afternoon at the University of California at Berkeley.

Recently, Richard Spencer of Radix Journal and the National Policy Institute put up one of his myopic videos where he stands in front of a digitally placed background and talks at the camera. Here he brought up the “rich history of free speech” that Berkeley has had, referencing the 1960s SDS culture that was allied with the “free speech” and anti-war movements.

He then said that Berkeley fails to live up to those standards because of “political correctness,” the notion that many on the Alt Right attempt to peddle meaning that the disallowal of open racism, heterosexism, and transphobia means an attack on open discourse and marginalized voices. The Alt Right has seen a near renaissance over the last year because of a couple of factors. First, the term, which was coined by Spencer to indicate a “big tent” that included all those far-right ideological people who rejected modernity, has broadened even past its original core and now indicates a neo-fascist hipster culture that centers itself on social media and web boards. Over the last year it has used these tools to edge into mainstream discourse, dropping memes like #Cuckservative into the right-wing edge of GOP talk radio. The second factor is Donald Trump, who has largely mainstreamed a lot of their narratives about Islam, women, and immigration, and who they have jumped behind universally in an effort to ride media coattails. This has largely been successful for them as their numbers have swelled, and they have created a subculture with its own heroes, philosophers, jargon, and meeting points.

They want to make Berkeley another one of these meeting points today at 3:00pm. In Spencer’s video they have declared that they will make an “Alt Right safe space” at the Sproul Plaza on the Berkeley campus. This play on words comes from the idea, again, that the white male is the new persecuted class, one that should be protected like all others. They attempt to mock the “safe space” concept, which they do not acknowledge comes from the fact that many who have experienced serious assault and trauma often need spaces where certain behaviors are avoided so they can contribute to activist work on an (somewhat)even playing field. If pressed, they will likely accept the realities of sexual assault and PTSD, yet they still like to undermine concepts like “safe spaces” in an effort to delegitimize the suffering of people they do not want to see gain power.

The gathering, which has been generally ill defined, seems to promise to have Spencer himself present, yet is likely to be targeted at youth contingents behind things like the vacant White Student Unions. Millenials seem to be the Alt Right’s bread and butter, and Spencer, who exceeds their age, has made them his prime target by lowering NPI’s conference cost and bending his own elitist mindset to Twitter hashtags and “fashy memes.”

Those associated with the Alt Right have already been using this Safe Space language, mentioning it doing their weird Boycott Racist Sam’s Club campaign.

Whatever the population actually consists of, whether it is young fascists or older pseudo-intellectuals trying to hide their ideas falsely behind youth faces, Alt Righters promise to be coming out at the Sproul Plaza at Berkeley at 3:00pm TODAY!

They hope to talk about Alt Right ideas like race, Trump, and immigration in their safe space, and this may be the first step for white nationalist students in the area to begin organizing on campus.

We are putting the information below if you want to join them and show them that their “Alt Right safe space” has no safety at Berkeley.