Trump Campaign Cancels Vancouver Event Amidst Massive Counter-Protests

For almost two weeks, both the hard right and the anti-fascist left of the Pacific Northwest have been preparing for Donald Trump’s campaign visit. Even after his opposition dropped out, the Trump campaign continued to hedge towards his visit to Vancouver, Washington. Vancouver is a suburb of the larger Portland metro area, known for its strong left-wing protest element. As the Trump campaign began looking for a venue, a coalition began forming that included unions from throughout Oregon and Washington, Latino and progressive organizations, and the Stop Trump PDX coalition of almost twenty radical and revolutionary organizations that were dedicated to shutting it down.

It looks like that pressure, mixed with practical concerns, has finally pushed the Trump campaign to cancel their Vancouver event. The Saturday, May 7th appearance in Southern Washington has now been officially canceled as no venue would have them. The coalitions calling for the confrontation of Trump were growing so massive at this point that they could have vastly outnumbered the Trump supporters coming to rally, which could lead to a repeat of the Chicago shut-down.

Many of the different coalitions are now moving to continue the battle against Trump, with the Washington progressive organizations focusing on the now set Saturday event in Spokane Washington. This will happen at the Spokane Convention Center at 12:00pm.

For those in Portland looking to continue the work that the coalition began, organizers are jumping behind the already massive counter-demonstration in Eugene. This “non-violent” demonstration is showing hundreds on social media, and is organizing the general protest contingent as well as the Families Against Fascism event that is going to be all-ages and child friendly.

Many counter-protesters would like to get inside to the Trump event, and there are only two tickets allowed per person ordering them. They are free, but a person will need them to get in, and if they want to get into the venue they will have to arrive several hours before it begins at 7:00pm. Since they have been kicking out people at random, and hundreds of people may be getting tickets to go in and protest, those who get in will have to dress conservatively and blend into the crowd.

This is likely the last time he will come to the Pacific Northwest as these are not swing states and he will have almost no chance of success there in the general election.

For a country that just elected a fascist politician on a major ticket, this will be just the beginning of a mass-action oriented anti-fascist movement to confront the growing white nationalist forces that he is emboldening.

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