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The Complete Anonymous Operation KKK Names and Information Now Released

Today, Anonymous finally released the Ku Klux Klan membership names and info that they had promised for weeks. A few days ago there was a false alarm, which named a number of national politicians as members. Now the complete list has come in and is showing just how “diverse” the KKK rolls are today, and how many Klan organizations and locals there really are.

The list itself is actually more work than we had anticipated, with a lot of explanation of how many Klan organizations there actually are, what city and state each are in, and links to private social media and internet groups.  The list itself seems pretty well supported and is unlike the previous “leak,” with many of the people on here being known from public racist actions and violent crimes.  Anonymous activists state that the investigation itself took eleven months and took on both their hacking operations as well as journalistic sources like public records, interviews, and surveillance.  They especially note the crossover between Klan and neo-Nazi groups, as well as connections to more mainstream radical right organizations.  They have gone to great lengths to investigate and include aliases, including things like Reddit usernames(many of which are so ugly and vile that they placed a Trigger Warning before the list).  In terms of details, there are a lot, including personal information about where members went to school and who their close relatives and associates are.

This list will likely be the targeted roster for people doing ongoing anti-fascist and anti-racist work to start and remove this type of racialist movement from their community.  Let’s hope that organizers move past just going after obvious targets like the KKK, and we move to collectively target racism as it occurs in most communities.

Here is the list that was put on paste-bin, in its entirety.

KKK Name Release Was False Alarm, Actual Release Comes November 5th

Like many people, we saw the two name releases as KKK membership.  The first was a list of the personal information of known racists from organizations like the Council of Conservative Citizens, American Renaissance, League of the South, the American Freedom Party, and the Traditionalist Youth Network.  All of that information is accurate, yet it does not say whether or not those people are dues paying members of any KKK organization.

The second list included several mayors and U.S. Senators, including a women of color.  This is not part of the actual Anonymous leak, though many news outlets were(and continue to be) fooled by it.  Op KKK announced publicly that they are not responsible for the leak that happened yesterday, and they have no telling whether it is credible.  It looks to us that it is likely not a credible leak, so we will be stripping it from our feeds and from our website.

The actual list will be revealed on November as stated by Anonymous, and we will just have to hang tight until it becomes public.

What Has the #OpKKK Anonymous Action Released So Far?

As of today, November 2nd 2015, Anonymous has revealed a couple of lists of KKK members as a part of their #OpKKK project.  This is something they began after the KKK support of Darren Wilson during the Ferguson Uprising, and they are following through on their word.  They have previously released the names and information of Klan members, but as of today their new project has had two releases.

The first release had the names and personal information of a number of high profile members of the KKK such as Stormfront founder Don Black, and the now deceased founder of the Liberty Lobby, Willis Carto.  This information is likely going to be useful to anti-fascist organizers in the future because it includes such sensitive information.

The second major release includes the names of major politicians, including senators and the mayors of major cities.  This has created a huge uproar, as many of these politicians are behind far-right racial politics such as border restriction, voter ID laws, and opposition to #BlackLivesMatter.

This recent list of politicians includes:

US Senators

  1. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.)
  2. John Cornyn (R-Tx.)
  3. Dan Coats (R-In.)
  4. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.)


1. Knoxville,Tn Mayor: Madeline Anne Rogero: age 63: Known KKK Affiliated Group: KU KLOS KNIGHTS of the Ku Klux Klan.
2. Norfolk,Va Mayor: Paul D. Fraim: age 66: Known KKK Affiliated Group:Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan:

3.Lexington,Kentucky Mayor: Jim Gray: age 62: Known KKK Affiliated Group:United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
4.Ocala,Florida Mayor: Kent Guinn: age 60: Known KKK Affiliated Group: Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

5.Fort Wayne,Indiana Mayor: Tom Henry: age 63: Known KKK Affiliated group: United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan Known KKK Affiliated Group:United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

This is surprising for many of these politicians, not the least of which is Lexington, Kentucky Mayor, Jim Cray.  Cray is the first openly gay Mayor of the city, and he has gone publicly saying that he is against the Klan and the allegations are baseless.
4.Ocala,Florida Mayor: Kent Guinn: age 60: Wife Sandra Guinn: both living in ocala,florida: Known KKK Affiliated Group: Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

5.Fort Wayne,Indian Mayor: Tom Henry: age 63: last known spouse Cindy Kocks: lives in Fort Wayne: Known KKK Affiliated group: United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

The list of high profile members is especially telling as the list is made up of well known neo-Nazis, racists who try to explain that they aren’t a part of that violent “Klan” movement, and a lot of historians and adjunct professors.  People who are on here include American Renaissance’s Jared Taylor, former filmmaker and American Freedom Party Presidential Candidate Merlin Miller, and Traditoinalist Youth Network organizers Matthew Parrot and Matt Heimbach.  There are surprise members like the founder of the League of the South, and no-so-surprising members like members of the Council of Conservative Citizens.

We are waiting for the big reveal of names and information on November 5th, 2015, and Anonymous’s video shares more info.

The high-profile KKK members they released are(Click here for complete list of information that Anonymous put up, including addresses and phone numbers):

-Chris Barker Imperial Wizard and Amanda Barker Imperial Kligrapp
Loyal White Knights

-Timothy Alan Cahill, 54

-Ronald Edwards, 1959
Imperial Wizard of the IKA

-Richard A Piglowski, 66

-William Walters Update
Grand Dragon of the East Coast Knights of the Truly Visible Empire

-Everette Webster Ellis, 69
Chairman and Treasurer of Jefferson Davis Memorial Committee

Charles “Chuck” Ernest McMichael,
Commander SCV http://www.ksscv.org/images/ksdivisionnewsletter200809.pdf

Fred Carver Wilhite, 74
Chairman for Kentucky State Heritage SCV

William G “Bill” Hicks , 63

-Valerie Protopapas: 65
Antiochian Orthodox Christians Diaconessa Valerie Protopapas,
Educational Director and ExecutiveSecretary

-Tripp Lewis A.K.A. Norwell Lewis:

-Andrew Bevier Hartwell, 45

-Kevin Shiflet, 55
Photographer, President of Monroe County History Center (SCV)

-Monroe County Civil War Roundtable
c/o Monroe County History Center

-Connie Louise Chastain a.k.a. Connie C Ward a.k.a. Connie Ward Chastain: 65
League of the south

-Susan Frise Hathaway: 46

-Grayson Jennings: 60s

-Karen Cooper: 40s (the token black for VAFlaggers, we are not fooled)

-VA Flaggers: P.O. Box 547 Sandston VA 23150 info@vaflaggers.com http://vaflaggers.blogspot.com/

-Robert Michael Givens:
Leader of SCV: http://cwmemory.com/2012/08/11/the-other-michael-givens
Movie director, writer.

-“Dr.” James Michael Hill:
League of the South president and founder:

-Matthew Warren Heimbach:
Supervisor at Swarm Strategies

-Matt Parrott:
Leader of traditionalist Youth Network
Consultant at Swarm Strategies

J-ustin Burton & Freda Mincey (fiancée)

-Jared F Taylor:
American Renaissance editor

-Merlin L Miller:
Presidential candidate of the white nationalist American Third Position part: interview: https://88fourteen.wordpress.com/tag/merlin-miller/

-Steve Kukla:

-Billy Joe Roper:
Founder of the white power group White Revolution

-Rachel Pendergraft

-Norman Lee Fowler, 65
Brigade commander http://www.florida-scv.org/officers.html

-Thomas Ashley Blanks
Virginia Division Genealogist http://www.scvva.org/Join.html

-Dexter E Oliver

-Ernst Christof Friedrich Zundel 24 Apr1 ’93
Racist, Nazi, Holocaust denier http://www.nndb.com/people/289/000025214/’

-Harold Charles “Hal” Turner 15 Mar 1962
Nazi, Blogger http://www.splcenter.org/get-informed/intelligence-files/profiles

-Kevin Alfred Strom 1957
Founder, National Vanguard

-Thomas Linton Metzger 9 Apr 1938
Former California Grand Wizard of KKK

-Erich Josef Gliebe 1964
Chairman, National Alliance

-David Ernest Duke 1 Jul 1950
“Former” KKK Grand Wizard
US Senator

-Willis Allison Carto aka Bill Young, 88 (Deceased)
Founder of Liberty Lobby, IHR

-Stephen Donald B Black 28 Jul 1953
Stormfront.org founder https://www.stormfront.org/dblack

-Gordon Lee Baum 1940-2015

-Kirk David Lyons, 58
Adjutant of Issac Newton Griffen Camp 758 Black Mountain SCV

-Joe Wilson, 31 Jul 1947
Congressman http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2009/09/11/joe-wilsons-rebel-yell.html

Anonymous Communiques, Photos, and Names from First Stage of Operation KKK Reveal

Ever since the Traditionalist Knights of the Ku Klux Klan came out to protest in support of Darren Wilson after the murder of Michael Brown, Anonymous hacktivists have had their sites set on the KKK.  There is no longer a monolithic KKK, but instead dozens of smaller groups that take up the mantle of the Klan with almost identical ideas about race and nation.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 9.29.09 AM

Their plan started off with a communique that stated clearly that a 1,000 names were coming of Klan members, as well as an attack on their internet infrastructure.

Greetings world, we are Anonymous
KKK, it has came to our unfortunate attention that you have been interacting your racist motivations and potentially targeting people of different races.
We are not attacking you because of what you believe in as we fight for freedom of speech,
We are attacking you because of what you do to our brothers and sisters.
Due to your actions we will be rearranging Operation KKK. We’ve gained access to yet another one of your KKK Twitter account. Using the info obtained, we will be revealing about 1000 of your klan member identities. The aim of our operation is nothing more than Cyber Warfare. Anything you upload will be taken down, anything you use to promote the KKK will be shut down.
All will be revealed next month around the one year anniversary. Use the hashtag #OpKKK to follow up our leaks to your members. @Operation_KKK, @LatestAnonNews, and many more accounts will be revealing your members identifies, shutting down your websites, and exposing any more KKK related contents and followers.
You messed with our family and now we will mess with yours…
We are legion.
We do not forgive
We do not forget

Ku Klux Klan you should have expect us.

This was followed by the first stage of this release, where they published the names and photos of social media accounts of verified KKK members(photos below).  This was followed by the next communique in advance of the reveal on October 27th, which explained why they are targeting the KKK and how people can help with the expose.

Greetings Citizens of the World.  We are Anonymous.
When people are faced with grave injustices, those cries do not go unheard.
Ku Klux Klan, We never stopped watching you. We know who you are. We know the dangerous extent to which you will go to cover your asses. Originally, we did not attack you for your beliefs as we fight for freedom of speech. We attacked you due to your threats to use lethal force in the Ferguson protests. We took this grudge between us rather seriously. You continue to threaten anons and others. We never said we would only strike once.
The anons involved in this operation still believe you no longer particularly deserve the right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom to Assemble but that is not up to us. Let us make this especially clear: We are not oppressing you, Ku Klux Klan. We are not here to strip you of your Freedom of Speech. Anonymous will never strip you of any of your Constitutional rights. There is no “hate speech” exception to the Constitution. In a free society, we do have a duty to protect free thought, even when especially offensive. Your hateful ideas and words remain yours to keep. You are allowed to speak and in kind, we are allowed to respond. You are legally free to live and be any which way you choose to live and be. Keep in mind, it is not illegal nor oppressive to hurt your feelings. With that said – We are stripping you of your anonymity. Again. This is our protected speech.
After closely observing so many of you for so very long, we feel confident that applying transparency to your organizational cells is the right, just, appropriate and only course of action. You are abhorrent. Criminal. You are more than extremists. You are more than a hate group. You operate much more like terrorists and you should be recognized as such. You are terrorists that hide your identities beneath sheets and infiltrate society on every level. The privacy of the Ku Klux Klan no longer exists in cyberspace. You’ve had blood on your hands for nearly 200 years. You continue to inflict civil rights violations, commit violent crimes and solicit others to commit violent criminal acts. You seek to intimidate and/or eliminate those that are different from you and those that you dislike by any means possible. You seek to terrorize anyone and anything that you feel is a threat to your narrow view of the “American way of life”.
The last time we took your hoods off, you claimed to be misunderstood. Victimized. No. You are a damaged, dangerous, fragmented, splintered and amorphous collection of terroristic cells with a hate-based ideology and a well documented history of violence against the American public – assault, murder, terrorism. You play a deep, damaging and historically sinister and malevolent role in the United States. We understand you far too well. You made a clear and ever present enemy of Anonymous when you threatened the lives of protesters and the men and women representing Anonymous on the ground in Ferguson, Missouri in November of 2014. You continue to make threats to anons you believe you have identified, journalists, anyone in the public that speaks out against your behavior. Your threats and intimidation are unprovoked, unwanted and will not be tolerated. Enough is enough. You once told Anonymous that we awakened a sleeping giant within you. We are here to remind you once again – you summoned an unslayable dragon. Anonymous is an idea. This fight will go on as long as it has to.
The aim of this operation is digital. Another cyber war trist, nothing more. We are not violent. We will release, to the global public, the identities of up to 1000 klan members, Ghoul Squad affiliates and other close associates of various factions of the Ku Klux Klan across the Unites States.
To the government representing the people of the United States of America:
The American public should not be subjected to victimization by hate groups through a hate group’s protection by the United States Constitution without additional laws in place to protect potential victims of these violent organizations. More dialogue is needed to create working solutions.
To the Citizens of the World:
We stand with you always, against oppression and injustice. Anonymous is many things. The anons participating in Operation KKK believe that it is a civic responsibility to be conscious and self-critical of our society in order to improve upon the shape of things to come.
To those that really disagree with us:
Sorry for the inconvenience, but not really. We are trying to change our world.
To the freedom fighters representing Anonymous in Ferguson, Missouri:
Stay the course.
*HOW YOU CAN HELP*                                      
You can show your support for us lawfully by raising awareness of this operation through sharing your thoughts and ideas about the KKK through tweetstorms and other social media amplication strategies. The ability to share information quickly and effectively will carry this operation far and wide. Tag #OpKKK #HoodsOff when you post on social media platforms.
Follow  @Operation_KKK and @OpHoodsOff on Twitter.
Wickr:  OperationKKK
Email:  OperationKKK@riseup.net
Ku Klux Klan – why did you stop expecting us?

Operation KKK

All the names have yet to be released, but below are photos and names of individuals revealed by Anonymous to be in the KKK in previous reveals and hiding under pseudonyms and under white hoods.  This is the first stage of the reveal, and one of the biggest American Antifa actions in years.  Stay tuned, we will continue to send out more updates as Anonymous hacktivists reveal more and more information.

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11-15-2014 11-56-19 AM

As for the web site of the Traditionalist American Knights, well…Let’s just say it was unreachable for a time:

11-15-2014 11-58-58 AM