KKK Name Release Was False Alarm, Actual Release Comes November 5th

Like many people, we saw the two name releases as KKK membership.  The first was a list of the personal information of known racists from organizations like the Council of Conservative Citizens, American Renaissance, League of the South, the American Freedom Party, and the Traditionalist Youth Network.  All of that information is accurate, yet it does not say whether or not those people are dues paying members of any KKK organization.

The second list included several mayors and U.S. Senators, including a women of color.  This is not part of the actual Anonymous leak, though many news outlets were(and continue to be) fooled by it.  Op KKK announced publicly that they are not responsible for the leak that happened yesterday, and they have no telling whether it is credible.  It looks to us that it is likely not a credible leak, so we will be stripping it from our feeds and from our website.

The actual list will be revealed on November as stated by Anonymous, and we will just have to hang tight until it becomes public.

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