National Policy Institute and Alt Right Gets Banned by the National Press Club

In a major victory against Alt Right fascism, the National Press Club has now officially banned Richard Spencer and the National Policy Institute (NPI).

The National Press Club is a place where organizations can contract with to do things like press events and conferences.  Spencer had contracted with the Press Club to do a press conference, one he has done a couple of times in the past.  This was supposed to take place on September 9th between 1-3pm, bringing together some major figures of the Alt Right to share their ideas.  This was going to include the founder of the race realist organization American Renaissance, Jared Taylor, and the founder of the anti-immigration website VDare, Peter Brimelow.

Without much notice, the National Press Club told Spencer that him and his organization were no longer able to contract with them and that there event was canceled.  The reason they provided was that NPI requires excessive security, which it has in the past, since it invites neo-Nazi and KKK elements as well as a huge swell of anti-fascist protesters.  This is a clear signal that anti-fascist organizing is a recognized pressure point that venues recognize when consider whether or not to host racist organizations.

Spencer is trying to stand bold and issued a video where he talked at the camera and said that there absolutely would still be a press conference at the selected time in Washington D.C.  At this time they say they have a venue, but they will not release the location until the last minute.  This will likely limit the amount of actual media coverage they get.  Instead, it will likely be heavily covered by white nationalist media sources like Red Ice Creations.

Spencer himself is no stranger to being banned from places.  He was banned from most European nations and deported from Hungary after trying to hold a white nationalist “pan-European” conference in Budapest in 2014.  Most recently he was officially banned from entering the U.K. because of his extremist views.


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