Richard Spencer is Still Planning on Coming to Auburn University on April 18th, Even Though He Has Been Denied

In typical fashion, Richard Spencer is throwing a tantrum because his words were not welcomed with open arms.  Spencer had been planning on speaking at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabaman on Tuesday, April 18th, and he had even shelled out $700 for extra security.  Seeing exactly what kind of response comes from Spencer’s appearances, as well as the type of neo-Nazis and white nationalists his appearances invites, the canceled the event citing “security concerns.”

Spencer then went to YouTube and social media to declare that this has become “much bigger” and that it was their “utter cowardice” that canceled the event.  He blamed the cancelation on “Antifa” and accused them of calling in a bomb threat, an unsubstantiated claim.  He repeatedly said that he would not be able to live with himself if he did not heed their warning, and has now declared that he will show up anyway.

This will likely mean that he will be “soapboxing” outside of his original venue with a crew of supporters.  He promised that he would have “Safety Squads” in tow, which is really his security detail that he has started hiring after he was punched on the street during an interview.  These “bodyguards” are actually just fellow Alt Right “shitlords,” and LARP as if they are persecuted political dissidents.

The fact that this will be outdoors and open will make it easier for opposition to get close, and it would be surprising if he was even able to get a full sentence out during this attempt at holding a “talk.” The committed organizing that is taking place by Atlanta Antifa and others in the area is what will be the deciding factor about how this event takes place, as well as whether or not Spencer will be allowed on university campuses in the future.

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