Identity Europa’s Nathan Damigo Punches Woman in the Face

The Battle for Berkeley on April 16th was a clash between the Alt Right and the growing anti-fascist movement that is uniting the left in response to the threat of white nationalism.  Helmed by Lauren Southern, the event brought in right-wingers, racists, militamen, and Alt Right ideologues together in the heart of Berkeley, California.  The confrontation became heated as fights opened out across the city, and Antifa took entire areas of town while the Alt Right terrorized locals.

Within that, Identity Europa, the youth-oriented Alt Right fraternal organization helmed by Nathan Damigo, was a major player.  Identity Europa has taken a lead in organizing on college campuses, especially at the University of California at Berkeley, where they have made connections with the College Republicans.  Damigo, who served several years in prison for a hate crime against a middle eastern cab driver, was further radicalized in prison and is now a right-hand man to people like Richard Spencer.

According to the video we are posting below (which is posted by what appears to be an Alt Righter), Nathan can be seen punching a woman in the face in a brutal assault.  Will he face charges for this?  The police were reportedly siding more often with the Alt Right on the ground, something not surprising given the history of the Golden State’s police force.  At an event with open neo-Nazis and white nationalists, it is no surprise that someone like Damigo felt he could just assault women without reprisal.

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