American Renaissance’s Jared Taylor Goes Full Anti-Semite

For years, Jared Taylor has led the move towards the politics of respectability for hardcore racists. With his Northeastern aristocratic twang and salt-n-pepper sideburns, he has made it his job for the last twenty years to spit out well-rehearsed talking points, making allegations about race and IQ, crime, and sexual “control.” With the creation of American Renaissance and the New Century Foundation, he has created the largest white nationalist meeting ground in the country, all based on a more middle-class and college-educated racist crowd.

While racist organizations of the past may have always been steeped in backwoods rumors and conspiracy theories, Taylor attempted to create a “straight line” for racist thinking. He attempted to validate guttural bigotry and stereotypes with trumped up “data,” taking every vile anti-black comment made through history and attempting to find some marginal study that could have results twisted to justify it. In this world it was “scientific thinking” that drove his movement, not just the myths and traditions of the fascist past.

The main evidence of this he could point to was that he, and his organization, were Jew-inclusive. Almost uniformly, racialist and white nationalist organizations are fiercely anti-Semitic. While the modern racist thinking has tried to use the language of evolutionary psychology, genetics, and criminal justice to support their vile ideas, the anti-Semitic rhetoric was a mysticism all its own. Based largely on bizarre conspiracy theories and misreadings of history, anti-Semitism was one of the key areas that signified an individual racist’s allegiance to a tradition of white supremacy.


And American Renaissance would have none of it.

Michael Levin

Right from the first conference in 1994, Taylor invited Jewish racist speakers to present their own vision of racial nationalism. Tenured CUNY Professor

Michael Levin, author of Why Race Matters, presented silly arguments about black mental inferiority, while Orthodox Rabbi Mayer Schiller talked about the need for racial nationalism and to oppose democracy and equality. Though few in numbers, there were almost always Jews in attendance at American Renaissance. This even resulted in confrontations with famous anti-Semites like David Duke, who were asked not to return after pressing speakers on the “Jewish Question.”

Taylor usually simplified the issue by saying that Jews “look white to me.” As American Renaissance became the center of the growing Alt Right, and they hosted the leading anti-Semitic writer today, Kevin McDonald, it seems that Jared Taylor has begun to open up about the anti-Semitism he avoided being associated with.

In a recent interview with the podcast The Darwin Digest, which is a podcast on the Right Stuff/the Daily Shoah “podcast network (It’s not a network, more of a collection of badly recorded banter),” Jared Taylor did his usual shtick about diversity, “racial differences,” and other well rehearsed distractions. While this was all down the line for Taylor, one line did stand out. When he was asked how the racial situation got to where it was, he finally admitted to the anti-Semitism that many have suspected was close under the surface.

A strong case can be made the extent to which Jewish intellectuals have undermined white racial consciousness, and I think there’s not doubt that a certain number of elite Jews have been very energetic in coming up with reasons to somehow denigrate any kind of white racial homogeneity or sense of integrity in European countries.

He also compared it to the suggestion that the universality of Christianity is “responsible” for the decline of “white racial consciousness.” That is also a common talking point among the anti-Christian sectors of the fascist Alt Right, which say that Christianity is a Jewish disease that destroys “ethnic religions” like Nordic paganism. He also plays on the notion, borrowed from Kevin McDonald, that white people have an inherent sense of egalitarian and “pathological altruism” baked into them through evolution. There is, like most of these claims, not evidence for this.

While Taylor may not be ready to “blame the Jews” for all of these issues, he is certainly stepping out in that direction in a way he never has before. White nationalists have often said that Taylor must be aware of the “Jewish question” and have chosen to avoid it for the benefit of American Renaissance. What it does prove, unequivocally, is that his own logic does not just come from “the science” but instead from a white nationalist and neo-Nazi narrative that fuels his worldview. It is not evidence that he draws on, but a script of racial struggle.

Phillippe Rushton, a race and IQ scientist who was largely disgraced in his field, is someone Taylor is often compared to. Rushton is, besides Richard Lynn, the most cited of the race researchers, and often tried to meekly pretend that it wasn’t racism, but just honest science. Off record, however, he often spoke about the Jews and their role in “undermining Western civilization,” a notion that certainly wasn’t embedded in his twin studies. Instead, it shows that his line of thinking has less to do with “uncomfortable truths” in science and more the reverse: he manipulates very minor data to fit in line with an ideology he believes very deeply in.

Taylor fits this bill as well, and we can expect to see him submit further and further to the anti-Semitic script as the Alt Right attempts to mainstream its hatred of Jews.


13 thoughts on “American Renaissance’s Jared Taylor Goes Full Anti-Semite”

  1. When I am trying to find where truth lies on a complex and controversial subject any appeal to emotion inclines me to give greater credence to the other side.

    This essay resorts to emotional phrases like “guttural bigotry,” “well rehearsed distractions,” and “trumped up ‘data”, and words like “vile,” and “twisted.”

    If Jared Taylor is mistaken about the existence and significance of innate racial differences in average intelligence and criminal behavior, it should be possible to demonstrate his errors without insulting him.


    1. Why? He should be insulted, all of his behavior should be qualified. This weird argument that we should stand up and restrain ourselves to some kind of weird ideological debate is ridiculous, Jared Taylor lies, insults people of color, calls for genocidal crimes, and is smug while doing it. He deserves more than to be insulted, his institutions should be destroyed.


      1. Appeals to emotion are only effective when one’s intended audience shares the emotions one expresses. When this is not the case any facts and insights one may contribute to a contentious issue will be dismissed.

        You claim that Jared Taylor lies. How has he lied? Quote one of his presumed lies, followed by a web address where he lies, and explain why what he says is not true. Keep in mind that even if he says what is not true, it may be a mistake, rather than a lie.

        You claim that he “calls for genocidal crimes.” Please quote word for word one of these calls, again followed by a web address, so that I may share your moral horror.

        I have accessed American Renaissance since 2010. I do not share all of Jared Taylor’s likes and dislikes, but we seem to agree on reality perceptions.

        We agree that race is an important biological human classification, comparable to subspecies among the rest of the animal kingdom We agree that the races differ significantly in average ability levels and behavior. We agree that these differences have evolved in response to different population pressures lasting for thousands of years. We agree that these differences explain why people of some races have been able to create and maintain viable societies, and why people of other races have not.

        We also agree that diversity is not a source of strength, but of social discord. Countries where nearly everyone is white, and of European ancestry or Oriental respond better to national traumas than multi racial countries. The obvious examples can be seen in the the way that Germany and Japan were able to recover in about a generation from total defeat in World War II.

        South Korea has also recovered well from the Korean War. Those who loudly expressed hopes for black African countries once they became independent have lapsed into embarassed silence.

        Jared Taylor and I seem to disagree in that he would like to live in a country where virtually everyone is a white Gentile. I admire Jews, Orientals, and East Indians. My ideal society would have large percentages of each. There would be enough Hispanics to operate Mexican restaurants, enough Negros to serve as jazz musicians, and enough Ethiopians to operate Ethiopian restaurants, but no more.

        I distrust Republicans on economic and environmental issues. Therefore I voted for Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. To my no great surprise, Jared Taylor voted for Donald Trump, although he describes President Trump as “deeply flawed.”

        So. You have made two serious charges against Mr. Taylor. I am waiting to see if you can substantiate your charges with word for word quotes from him, followed by web addresses that demonstrate that he did lie and/or advocate “genocidal crimes.”

        I appreciate the fact that you accepted my previous comment, and look forward to reading your response to this one.


  2. Phillippe Rushton, a race and IQ scientist who was largely disgraced in his field, is someone Taylor is often compared to. Rushton is, besides Richard Lynn, the most cited of the race researchers, and often tried to meekly pretend that it wasn’t racism, but just honest science. Off record, however, he often spoke about the Jews and their role in “undermining Western civilization,”


    Jared Taylor gave me the link to this website. It clearly demonstrates that Professor Rushton acknowledged the high IQ averages of Jews.

    SPECIAL REVIEW OF STEPHEN JAY GOULD: The Mismeasures of Man (Revised and Expanded Edition). New York: W. W. Norton & Co. New York. (1996) (1st Edn. 1981). 444 pp. ISBN 0-393-31425-1. $13.95, pbk.


    By J. Philippe Rushton
    Department of Psychology
    University of Western Ontario
    London, Ontario N6A 5C2

    The average IQ for African Americans was found to be lower than those for Latino, White, Asian, and Jewish Americans (85, 89, 103, 106, and 115, respectively, pp. 273-278). Failure to mention these data fosters the false belief that IQ tests are not predictive and are biased in favor of North Europeans.


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