Richard Spencer Just Got His Ass Kicked and Glitter Bombed [VIDEOS]

News is just coming in that Alt Right leader Richard Spencer was just pulled out of a cab in Washington D.C., beat up, and had glitter thrown all over him.  People will remember Spencer as the star of a 1000 memes, all from when he got punched in the face while doing a street-interview during Trump’s inauguration.

Spencer’s troubles today all stem back to the bombing of Syria by Donald Trump in what he calls a “total betrayal” of the Alt Right.  Spencer is an anti-interventionist from a nationalist perspective, one that is shared by the far-right wing of the anti-imperialist movement.  He has now called for an anti-war movement from the Alt Right, and thought he would join an action in Washington D.C. to speak out against the disaster of sending missiles overseas.
He came out arguing that Assad was a reasonable and “secular” person in the region, and that there should be “peaceful and mutually beneficial relationship” with the U.S. and Assad’s regime.  The rally he organized was “AltRight sponsored” in an attempt to forge bonds with the anti-war left.  He “soap boxed” to a growing crowd who hated Spencer as much as they do Trump, and his crowd of a couple-dozen fashy haircuts was shouted down with chants of “Nazi Snowflake” and “Go Home Nazis!”  The protests were organized, in part, by the One People’s Project, and an organized contingent was there long before the fascists showed up.

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 6.48.01 PM.png
Mike Peinovich (Mike Enoch)

He was even joined by the host of The Daily Shoah, Mike Enoch, recently revealed to be now-disgraced tech developer Mike Peinovich.  Anti-fascists surrounded and shouted them down as they broadcast on Periscope and got cheers from their small echo chamber of white nationalists.

When the anti-fascists overwhelmed the Alt Right “protest,” Spencer took off running to get into a cab as he was confronted directly by the opposition.

When he was getting into the cab he was allegedly pulled out by counter-protesters, punched, and glitter bombed.  In a video posted on Periscope shortly there after, Spencer said what happened was that Antifa disallowed him to get in his “getaway” car and the police instructed him to get in a cab.  Once he was in one the cab driver (who Spencer mocked for being of Indian origin) got out of the cab, frightened of the ensuing protesters, and Spencer had to take off running.  The Alt Right seems unwilling to understand that just because they oppose Syrian intervention for nationalist reasons, they are not going to find allies on the anti-war left.  Militant anti-fascist resistance has been firmed up in the country, and no one is going to give them an inch.  These kinds of poorly organized Alt Right activist engagements are likely to continue, especially on college campuses, though they lack any kind of long-term strategy.


63 thoughts on “Richard Spencer Just Got His Ass Kicked and Glitter Bombed [VIDEOS]”

  1. Well done people. Video of these pseudo patriotic scumbags being fronted with the White House as the backdrop – brilliant!!!


      1. I’d call you more than just nazi if you support Trump you bitch ass clown and you’d stand there and take it.


      2. Boy he got called a nazi and got punched because he called for an ethnic cleansing and preaches about white supremacy. AKA Nazi Rhetoric.


      3. Well, considering at this point in his presidency the only way to be a supporter of his STILL would be if you were a hypocritical fascist. Maybe not exactly a nazi, but you’re in the ballpark. And you probably deserve a punch in the face.


      4. It’s not about supporting Trump, it’s about supporting segregation and genocide. And if you read the article you’d see that Spencer does NOT support Trump, at least regarding international intervention.


      5. They didn’t punch him for being pro trump.

        They punched him for being a literal actual nazi, trying to spread the ideals that plunged the entire world into war until WE and the free world teamed up to fight them.

        If anything this is the most patriotic shit you’ve ever seen. And it makes you violently angry? Weird.


      6. Be careful what you wish for. America has become anything but “united” under him. Just what Russia wants. Thanks for your help.


      7. Would that be because you’d be offended that someone associated you with those douchebags or because you are one of those douchebags?


      8. You are not a Nazi for supporting Trump. You are stupid for supporting Trump. You are a Nazi for spewing hate and supporting Trump.


      9. If you think the only reason people call this dude a nazi is because he supports trump (which if you read the fucking article, he is arguing against trumps use of missiles, therefore disagreeing with trump) well …you must be pretty fucking ignorant on what this dude stands for. do some research


      10. You won’t be punched for supporting Trump, and let’s be honest anti fa travel in numbers you wouldn’t do shit. I am assuming you are a white nationalist who calls himself a Trump supporter to find coverage. But if you truly are not a white nationalist you have nothing to worry about


  2. The enemy of your enemy isnt always your friend. When your exhuasted after the fight your orignal enemy exploits YOUR LOSSESS…

    Dont let your enemies use YOU as fodder.

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    1. why? spencer has a freedom to speak what he wants but when you aggravate the existence of others like he does, those who get physical with him have the right to protect themselves. its a fight or flight reaction. its natural.

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  3. I’m against fascism and bigotry, but this is not fighting for your values but admitting defeat. Commiting acts of violence for ideology is a slippery slope that led to what the Nazis and KKK did.

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    1. Actually, its not. What a slippery slope would be is allowing them to have a space to organize so they can enact their vision of ethnic cleansing. Only a silly and contradictory left would sit back and left that happen. We don’t deal in abstract liberal platitudes, we know the consequences of unchecked fascist organizing. Antifascists should shut them down, period. There is not addendum to that, they need to be removed otherwise it will be our destruction.

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      1. “There is not addendum to that, they need to be removed otherwise it will be our destruction.”

        You sound like a Nazi. That’s exactly what they used to say about the Jews. Should you be removed?


      2. Punching or “kicking Richard Spencer’s ass” does nothing to “shut down” neo-Facists. It does nothing to dispel propaganda, remove ignorance, or drive out hate. You only give them excuses to play victim and ammo to build their force.

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      3. Your just as disillusioned as Richard Spencer and the alt right. Your ideology is basically the same as theirs on the opposite end of the spectrum. You’ll get the same amount of respect, none whatsoever.


      4. antifascistfront you are correct sir. why let those who wish extermination on others plant their seeds. why wait until they have fully implemented their plans? it would be too late. PULL EM BY THEIR ROOTS BEFORE THEY BEAR POISONOUS FRUIT.

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    2. I can’t reply to yr lower comment for some reason so i’m doing it on this one.

      “””Punching or “kicking Richard Spencer’s ass” does nothing to “shut down” neo-Facists.””” it makes them afraid of being punched.

      “””It does nothing to dispel propaganda, remove ignorance, or drive out hate.””” it disrupts their organization, recruiting, and spread of propaganda. antifa aren’t here to ‘drive out hate’. that’s a lofty and idealistic goal. antifa are here to disrupt fascists and get them to leave the immediate area, whether that’s by physical force or disruptive force. the purpose of antifa isn’t to play superhero, it’s to halt the fascist.

      “””You only give them excuses to play victim and ammo to build their force.””” everyone has excuses and justifications for every possible act, that doesn’t matter. forcibly preventing one nazi from enacting harm on one person matters exponentially more than keeping nazis physically safe. no nazi deserves to live a carefree life where they can just walk around spreading propaganda and enacting real (long or short term) harm on innocent people.

      idealism is for pacifists and peaceful protestors. antifa aren’t peaceful. antifa are a deliberate force of power that make it harder for fascists to organize and prevail.

      when you allow yourself to think of the current climate as nothing but “ideals and opinions clashing” you’ve already lost. people are being hurt specifically because of richard spencer’s parade of fascism and stopping him by any means necessary will immediately prevent more people from being hurt–or worse.

      get the idealistic notion out of your head that all of this is fixable through peaceful conversation. it’s not. it never has been. fascists get stomped, period.

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    3. Nazi and KKK ideology was inherently violent to begin with. Now we’re seeing a rise in people with the exact same ideology. Hitler himself said that if his movement had been recognized for what it was early, and violently, ruthlessly crushed, it never would have made it.

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    4. Nah. My Dad and all my uncles committed EXTREME acts of violence against Nazis in WWII… and they were called heroes of “The Greatest Generation”. Killing Nazis wherever you find them is a hallowed American tradition. Don’t be a Chamberlain. Be a Roosevelt.


    1. winston smith what side are you on? if you are anti- nazi,war, fascist?
      then you are on the antifa side. why? because theres two niches in antifa, there is a nich for those who support with words and are good diplomats in that sense. then there is the nich for those who provide security when diplomacy needs force and protection. even peacful nations need a sword.


  4. Why the hell are people putting there hands on this man for his views. I dont give a fuck what he talks about but people need to learn to keep their hands to themselves. Unacceptable. What the hell is going on what America allowing citizens to just put their hands on someone for their views. Its not like he walked into where you work at threatened to meet you after work and have his gang beat you up and then proceeds to call names… He is just voicing a different opinion.

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    1. His “opinion” has called for ethnic cleansing. He deserves to get curb stomped and all the shit that they bring on to him. The dudes a actual nazi, what happens to him is his fault for not keeping his disgusting views to himself.


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