Alt Right “Free Speech Rally” In Berkeley on April 15th

The veil of “Free Speech” has always been a tool manipulated by the Alt Right, a way of them getting a platform to organize without objection.  If they were ever to take power, that right of Free Speech would be lost for all as they build an authoritarian Ethnostate.

April 15th will be a “Free Speech” rally in Berkeley featuring Lauren Southern as a headliner, the Alt Light provocateur that has been harassing Canadian leftists for years.  Southern was a content creator for Rebel Media and is an Alt Right sympathizers, and anti-fascists threw urine on her when she came out to defend an American Front meeting that was happening.

She will be appearing with a whole line-up of Alt Right figures, including contributor Brittany Pettibone.  Pettibone is known for her “White Genocide” and Pizzagate conspiracy theories, as well as nationalist and traditionalist politics.  She said that these “values that once made Western Civilization great, including but not limited to the glorification of the nuclear family, motherhood, masculinity, femininity, etiquette, traditional gender roles and love of one’s own culture, race and country.”  She now writes under Richard Spencer’s new website, cementing her in the world of white nationalism.

Parody right-wing songwriter The Man Spot will join them, as well as Kyle Chapman, the “based stickman” who has become a hero for the Alt Right as he fought Antifa with a stick and shield.

What this even shows is that Southern is willing to associate with open white nationalists, and create a bridge between her world and that of places like The Right Stuff.

The event is being promoted by Identity Europa, the campus focused Alt Right white nationalist group.  They have had a heavy presence in the Bay Area.  The Asatru Folk Alliance, a white nationalist nordic pagan group will also be in attendance, coordinating with Identity Europa.

What is especially pernicious about this event is that it will bring out more than just the Alt Right, creating the perfect cauldron for recruitment.  This is exactly what groups like Identity Europa and “IRL” groups for The Right Stuff need.  That is why this event should not go off unopposed, and an organized response is necessary.

The event will be held at 2151 MLK Jr. Way, Berkeley CA, 94704.

The event will start at 12:00 PM.


14 thoughts on “Alt Right “Free Speech Rally” In Berkeley on April 15th”

      1. He did and he does. Free Speech advocates do not disagree with someone by throwing urine on her.


  1. Where did Identity Europa promote the event? I’ve verified all of the guest list list, but haven’t seen anything from IE’s outlets promoting the event. In the lead up to the March4Trump in Berkeley, there was a lot of misinformation that can and should be avoided this time around.


  2. This narrative is false. Lauren is not “alt right”, she’s center right libertarian. This article is nothing but misinformation and defamation and false accusations/associations about Southern. and the event is not alt-right, if anything it is libertarian right and libertarian left both against the authoritarian left , classical liberals, centrists, libertarians, center rightists, and libertarian leftists uniting, not specifically “alt-right” And Southern is NOT “alt right”

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      1. Ever here of being ironic and sarcastic. Shès just trying to provoke far left. She once called herself alt light, but this is all in jest, she ids with the nationalism of the alt right but not racial based nationalism,etc, she considers herself libertarian nationalist and center right…not FAR right or alt right. she has mostly classically liberal values and libertarian principles, but the classical liberals and libertarians are FALSELY calling such alt right or far right, because the far left moved the middle so far left that anyone even slightly right of t far left is just called alt right or far right,tc, this is just appropriating the accusation to spit it back in the face f the Orwellian authoritarian fascist so-called anti-fascist far left

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