Donald Trump is Coming to Vancouver, WA, Coalition Forms to Confront Him

The Trump train is going to be coming to the Pacific Northwest as a sort of end of the GOP hate-bus. Donald Trump is now battling for the 1,237-delegate number so that he can win the Republican Presidential nomination without contest, something that Ted Cruz and John Kasich came together to try and stop. Even though Cruz and Kasich have officially dropped out of the race, there could still be a certain amount of fear hanging over the Trump campaign about what is going to happen in Cleveland if they do not skate in above the cap. This means more stops than normal, even though it is clear that, by standard delegate counting, no Republican politician could possibly beat him at this point. Even companies like Microsoft how now dumped their support of the RNC so as not to be associated with Trump, showing that even the GOP is being dismantled by a fascist coup on their already existing right-wing ideology.

Besides normal stops in places like Seattle, Trump is planning on coming to Vancouver on May 7th. This stop puts him in earshot of Portland, as Vancouver is one of its suburbs, just across the Columbia River. Though people thought he would make regular Oregon stops since Trump campaign offices opened up in both Eugene and Tigard, Oregon, given that this appearance is just ten days away from the Oregon primary, this may be the only stop in the Portland metro area. He then announced that he will be coming to both Eugene and Medford on quick stops the day before, Friday, May 6th.

Oregon and Washington left and radical organizations have come together in a united front to confront this event, hoping to replicate the opposition that shut down the Chicago event or blockaded roads in the Southwest. A rally has been planned by a coalition of groups including a range from OneAmerica Votes, UFCW and SEIU locals, Bernie coalition supporters, and a range of groups that are taking a radical contingent, including Hella 503, the Portland Solidarity Network, and the Black Rose Anarchist Federation.

This effort has only been bolstered by recent confrontations with the Portland State Students for Trump, who brought in militia supporters from the conspiracy-depot Infowars to bait, harass, and intimidate counter-protesters from the Portland State University Student Union. Their founder, Vladimir Kolychef, is an open nationalist who is regularly posting “race realist” content on his Facebook, sharing quotes from National Alliance leader William Pierce, and using in-jokes from white nationalist websites like the Right Stuff and the Daily Shoah. The Trump campaign has continued to network them besides this information being known, and Vlad continues to publicly state that people have color have a lower IQ than whites and that he prefers a state close to that of Pinochet’s Chile.

It is unsure whether or not their will be open fascist or racialist participants, but the American Front does have a foundation in Vancouver, Washington.  The militia movement seems like it will be the largest racist contingent, coming after the Malheur standoff and the recent call from Infowars to stand with Trump supporters against leftist protesters.

The rally is planned outside the venue on Saturday, May 7th, where speakers will be highlighting Latino voices that are being targeted by the Trump campaign and its racist supporters.

Organizers and anti-fascists are calling for all those that oppose Trump’s fascist program to come out and confront him and his supporters directly, and show that they are not welcome in this area of the country, period.

Come to the event and join the anti-fascist and anti-capitalist contingent, which shows that we support the broad anti-Trump coalition and that we make up a more militant base that will do what it takes to shut down Donald Trump!

Right now the exact time and location is not available, and will likely not be released until the day before. We will share that information right as soon as it is available, and update this article. Below is the Facebook event for the counter-action organized by the coalition, and before that is a Google form that one of their organizations is using to get phone numbers to send last minute text announcements to.

RSVP on the Facebook Event

Sign the Pledge to Confront Donald Trump in Vancouver


8 thoughts on “Donald Trump is Coming to Vancouver, WA, Coalition Forms to Confront Him”

  1. Holy fuck I love the stuff you guys write about me. ❤ And thanks for elaborating that I'm a Pinochet type of goy.


      1. That people of different racial and ethnic groups have varying distributions of traits. IQ is one, time preference is another, body proportions and so on. But that doesn’t imply I believe in any sense of superiority or inferiority. Do we go by IQ? That makes Ashkenazi Jews “superior”, do we go by performance in summer Olympics? That would make Africans “superior”. Do we go by business success? In what country? That could be Whites or that could be Gujarati Indians or Ashkenazi Jews. The point is I believe racial groups have been separated for a hundreds of thousands of years by natural and social barriers(Jews for example were separated by an oppressive Catholic Church as well as their own sense of ethnonationalism). Through Natural selection they have developed varying traits better suited for their environments. These are aggregate traits. There are plently of African people with higher IQs than the average white, but on the aggregate the average white has a higher IQ than the average African and the average Asian higher than the average White. I find it ridiculous the belief that all that differentiates us is skin color. Is this a case for discriminatory legislation? No. I’ve been having a lot of fun and I enjoy the articles you guys write but you really have to go and look at the posts I made before this stuff, they’re “relatively tame.”


  2. You left out Southwest Washington League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC ) who will be protesting Drumpf in Vancouver. Drumpf is not welcome in Washington state.


    1. You’re absolutely right. There is a huge coalition of great organizations that are participating in this. I should also point out that there is a strong contingent of Latino voice here, something I think that will really help this counter-action to stand out.


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