Soldiers of Odin Calgary


18 thoughts on “Soldiers of Odin Calgary”

      1. Riun (Ryan). I have to be careful about cross border flags but interested in the values. 50 year old white male. Worried about what is happing in Canada particularly Calgary as they are trying to start an Islamic community in the NW.


  1. I’m very serious and very interested in joining.
    I live in Drumheller Alberta Canada.
    Iv been banned from Fas Gas after a joker from FUCKHEADASTAN made a false resist comment that I was being racist and I wasn’t.
    Wish we had a chapter here.


  2. Do you have regular meetings or anything so I could come and see what this is all about? I need to get a feeling for it before I commit to anything. I’ve done some research and I’m interested.


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