Twitter and Reddit Are Now Banning the Alt Right

The Alt Right is, fundamentally, a social media phenomenon.  The concept of the Alt Right has been around since 2010, a specific confluence of white nationalism influenced by various strands of thought including Neoreaction, Paleoconservatism, the European New Right, and so on.  The phenomonon of the Alt Right, as we know it today, is that of the popularization of those ideas, turning their racialism into Twitter trolls, snarky blogs, and annoying podcasts.  They have relied on Web 2.0 platforms like Twitter for publicity and SoundCloud for podcast hosting because it puts them on an equal footing with the giants of media opinion.

The only problem is that their racism violates every rule the platform has, giving them a finite life.  Over the last year many of their leaders have been banned from Twitter.  First, Milo Yiannoupoulos of Breitbart was shuttered for leading a racist harassment raid on actress Leslie Jones.  Later Ricky Vaughn was kicked off, and then Richard Spencer and many others.  Likewise, SoundCloud began dropping white nationalist podcasts like the Daily Shoah and Fash the Nation, and PayPal severed their funding.  Though many of them are trying to make new platforms like Gab their home, they just aren’t going to happen in the public consciousness.

On Saturday, February 4th, Twitter just went through on a huge banning campaign.  They shut down Charles Johnson (AKA Reactionary Tree), the account for the newly form, Dr. Joyce, Murdoch/ Murdoch, and several dozen other Alt Right figures were dropped from Twitter.  This is the only way for them to break into the mainstream even a little bit, which is a huge hit to a movement that needs this trolling platform to find a place for itself.  Cuckservative gave it a boost, #AltRight gave it a name, and its ability to take racism viral is what made it relevant, and without platforms like Twitter it is almost as though it will cease to be.

At the same time, Reddit has begun the purge of Alt Right subreddits that have become a home for the ugliest racism on the Internet.  R/AltRight and R/AlternativeRight has been banned from the site, with R/The_Donald likely to be next.  What this shows clearly is that they are banning them based on ideological grounds, understanding that Alt Right online forums are where plans for doxing and harassment begin.

While the Alt Right is still larger than we ever could have imagined a few years ago, the last six months have been a brutal social attack on them, and they are reeling.


3 thoughts on “Twitter and Reddit Are Now Banning the Alt Right”

    1. Premising I don’t think alt rightists, in general actually cheer free speech if not for them and freedom in general. For example, this contraddiction, they might complain about being fired for expressing homophobic views? Are such homophobic views, for example, just like stating being gay is a sin for them and their religion or downright hating. Ok they might argue they have to be able to criticize, but then would they fire and employee just for being gay? I guess some of tehm would cheer it as freedom of enterprise, so at most the problem of them being fired for being homophobic might be of capitalism, but the point is they think antidiscrimination is socialist and anti enterprise.
      I’m aware, now, I might be strawmanning many of them, still far from how most of them strawman feminism as men hating, though. This might hinder communication if we project our reciprocal strawmen to any group, be them muslims, feminismts, christians and yeah, even rightist.
      A rightist might have his/her divergence (which exists as a base) amplified by believing strawmen about radical terfs (which are not trans inclusive, actually, the strawman also wants most rightists as not trans inclusive, but it’s not true, although i might perceive they tolerate them too much for the sake of being anti Sjw), all liberals as sjw’s (with all the nuances and wondering about what’s so bad about social justice, besides, yeah, some people might be too much thought policing and pc, so some people rightly distinguish them by social justice activist, though many rightists and I think, most alt rightists hate them as liberals, strawman on not), leading one to be aggressive because of the assumptions one makes about anyone of a different group, that contributes to him/her being hated by the “leftist” group, for acting like a asshole, even if they want to not strawman him, but he/she will contribute to strawmanning even more as a confirmation bias, while he/she will have a confirmation bias about “those fucking intolerant sjw’s”.


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