Fundraiser Started for Woman Accused of Hitting “You Deserve Rape” Preacher With Baseball Bat

The internet erupted when a video came to light of an angry street preacher standing in front of a Phoenix high school with a sandwich board sign that said “You Deserve Rape.”  The video, taken by the preacher himself, showed him yelling at students with aggressive homophobic, sexist, and violent rhetoric.  Several people came up to him to ask him to leave, yet eventually someone had enough and hit him in the head with a baseball bat. The video shows the preacher, named Brother Dean Saxton, walking away defeated and bleeding.

A fundraiser was created by Phoenix Anarchist Black Cross to support the woman that was charged with the assault on Saxton, which is intended to fund her getting adequate legal support so she can get a fair hearing.  Saxton has been harassing young women around Phoenix for years, and even if people do not condone violence like this it is easy to understand how his behavior could be triggering to survivors of sexual assault.

Click here to donate to the fundraiser.



29 thoughts on “Fundraiser Started for Woman Accused of Hitting “You Deserve Rape” Preacher With Baseball Bat”

    1. She doesn’t deserve a medal, she deserves jail time for assault. Just because someone says something you don’t agree with doesn’t give you the right to physically harm anyone! That’s fascism in a nutshell.


      1. if someone had a microphone outside of your child’s high school describing explicit material, and you don’t do anything (because has a parent, you have a god damn right to, fuck politics at this point) than i suppose you are okay with following orders all the time…isn’t that fascist too?


      2. No he deserved what he got ,the girl could not mach him in strength so she evened the odds . What else did the guy expect ,some people only get the hint when violence is used . I doubt a trip down to the cop shop sorted this nut out .standing in front of a SCHOOL telling kids they deserve rape ,you need a bat to the head if your on this freaks side you tube.

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      3. Nah lol she’s a hero. Anyone who walks around telling people that they deserve rape should be stopped by any means necessary, and this piece of walking garbage has been harassing students for ages. He had it coming. You shouldn’t terrorize people with rape threats.

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      4. So it is USA government for every war started in Vietnam, Middle East, etc, or for supporting dictatorships in South America. You don’t know what is fascism, so shut up.

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  1. Well isn’t that sad, not knowing anything about the religion you preach.

    It’s not like Mary is the mother of Jesus or anything like that.


  2. Wow I’m flabbergasted. This is such a horrible story of a failed humanity. here we are 2016 and we still resort to barbaracy when confronted with certain aspects of freedom of speech. Just another senseless act of unjustafied vigilante justice. We don’t have to agree with the rhetoric of this uneducated ignoramus however we can be the enlightened humanity that we claim to be. To try and kill someone because they say things we don’t like is, as far as I’m concerned, attempted murder. By releasing her uncharged is saying that it’s ok to kill people because they disagree with you. Sure his ideas are fanatical and obscene. Yet what are we leaving behind for retrospect. He has learned to become more angry for his cause and angry at the people he is in disagreement with. To try and approach this individual with coherent calm rational education is I guess just too much effort for us more ‘ethically evolved” people… very sad to see what we’ve become. I can ignore some ignorant assholes ideologies, but it’s hard to ignore blatant hatred and violence. To leave it unchecked will be very unhealthy for her AND her surrounding societies.


    1. I understand and agree with what you have said, however after studying the teenage brain it becomes evident that these kids are not mature enough to deal with his ignorance. The teenage brain tends to not fully understand the consequences and immediately plays off emotions. Not fully defending the girl, while I would have loved to do that, I reason and understand that I have no right because he does have a right to speak such ignorance. The teenage brain does not have the complexity and maturity to deal with that thought process and played off her emotions.


    2. Pretty sure the dude is the one blatant hatred and violence in his heart. When your preaching rape…. Yeah sorry but you do deserve to be hit with a baseball bat swung by anyone that has been raped.

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    3. She’s not being released uncharged. This is an article about her fundraiser to have the ability to have proper representation in court with the charges she’s facing. seems to me like that’s taking responsibility for the consequences, but being a child, maybe from a poorer household, she may not have the funds for a lawyer. Nothing wrong with asking for help to have a fair trial. You can tell she didn’t hit him that hard, probably could have done a lot more damage if she wanted to. And when I was in high school, much more intense fights than this were settled with detention. Not felony charges.


    4. I guess you missed the part were several people approached him nicely, including a teacher. I wouldn’t have hit him in the head tho, just the leg, so he can’t run, the little coward.


  3. Freedom of speech is fine. However, these are children. These are minors. This man was not ‘preaching’. He was inciting sexual violence and physical violence. to them, speaking to them, inciting sexual violence, etc.

    As a matter of fact, he was putting them in harm’s way by encouraging them to run across the street through traffic. He’s clearly mentally unstable and therefore poses a risk to these children. If this had taken place at my son’s high school, I would have called the police immediately to have him removed. And if it was my child on this video that he unlawfully posted, I would also be using it as evidence to sue his a$$ and that of the organization he represents. He has also opened the door for predators by placing these minors on the internet publicly.

    NO ONE has the right to speak to my child without my permission. NO ONE may place my child in harm’s way without consequence.

    Kudo’s to the administrator for ushering the students away. However, this man was the one that needed to be removed.

    God bless the young woman who rang his bell. This is the law of reaping what you sew in action.

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  4. This man is not exercising free speech he is committing hate speech. And directing it at minors. He’s inciting minors to violence and simultaneously telling them they deserve to be criminally violated. If that isn’t breaking some lawthe law is truly broken.


  5. I guess some people think this guy has a right to free speech or something like that.

    Maybe they forgot she has a right to legal defense. IDK. Some people just suck.

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  6. bravissima! se succedesse più spesso ci sarebbero meno omicidi e femminicidi davanti alle cliniche per la salute delle donne negli u.s.a….e anche meno fascisti/razzisti/speculatorisullapelledeimigranti in giro per il mondo!!!


  7. This guy was a problem at the Phoenix Comic-Con a few years ago caused a huge issue. It’s on our you tube channel. not saying being hit by a bat was the answer but maybe he’ll stop making fun of people and their ways of life. Rember he was holding a sign saying you deserve rape!!! It’s not his job to change the way people think. I could see why someone got mad enough to do physical harm to this guy he really pushes people buttons. I guess Jesus forgot to tell him you’re going to get hit in the head with a bat…


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