Nazi Skinhead Concert To Be Held at Black Bear Bar in Brooklyn


A crowd of skinheads and Nazi punks are feeling so emboldened in Brooklyn that they are having another party in Williamsburg tonight. Today is Oi!Fest, a Rock Against Communism show that neo-Nazi skinheads attempt to have annually. RAC is the alternative to the more left-leaning working class street punks and Oi! Scene, where RAC is an explicitly “white power” contingent that birthed the “white noise” movement. While the Nazi skinhead culture has waxed and waned, white noise music has been one of the best recruitment tools for the most extreme edge of the violent white nationalist movement.

OiFest! 2016 had been organized in relative secret as most of the skinheads at its reigns know it would be shut down if their venue is revealed too soon. Yesterday they had a large pre-party that brought out their crews and supporters at the Red Star bar in Greenpoint, a well known sports-bar in the area.

Tonight they are going to be having the first of two shows for Oi!Fest 2016 at Black Bear on North 6th avenue in Williamsburg. Black Bear has already caused controversy by hosting the Project Equinox tour from Heathen Harvest, with a line-up of well-known Neofolk bands with nationalist leanings. It is unsure whether or not Black Bear is the venue for tomorrow’s show as well. The bands for Oi!Fest include well-known skinhead fare like OxBlood, Close Shave, Offensive Weapon, and Battle Zone.

Below we are listing all of the information for Black Bear, their social media, yelp, and contact information. Call in and let them known what you think about their choice to host a violent neo-Nazi show.  This is an organizing tool that has real consequences and these events have a track record of being center points for violent racist attacks.

Black Bear Twitter:@BlackBearBKL

Phone: 917.538.8399

Black Bear Instagram

Black Bear Facebook


70 N 6th St


22 thoughts on “Nazi Skinhead Concert To Be Held at Black Bear Bar in Brooklyn”

  1. You’ve confused oi! Music with nazism. None of those bands are RAC and oxblood has POC members. Check your facts before you make a fool of yourself

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    1. Actually, no we havn’t. We know that Oi! music has a long, anti-racist, working class base. This isn’t it. You are right about the POC members in Ox Blood, who are also racial nationalists. Oi! Fest makes up a multi-racial National Socialist contingent that still support fascist politics and ideas. We are posting an article below that explains this situation even further. This is why it is important to discuss how fascist ideologues repackage and redefine themselves so as to go under the radar. If you even look briefly at the rest of the bands on the bill and the groups organizing it, there are openly fascist or racial nationalist.


      1. This article is good, but it somehow manages to equate anti-Zionism to anti-semitism, which is not only inaccurate, but insulting to Jews who are also anti-Zionist. It is also antithetical to the theme of the article, which is to recognize fascism and ultranationalism in all its forms. Zionism is a nationalist philosophy. It was, unapologetically so, at its inception, and it continues to be in the apartheid policies Israel employs.


  2. I agree. Many of these bands have fascist proclivities. This is the American neo-fascist movement in 2016. Bands like ‘The Wolverines’ don’t wear swastikas, but if you listen to their lyrics you’ll get a sense of the brown shirt tactics they promote against individuals and groups that they disagree with. Unfortunately many of these bands are young and ignorant of the history of Oi! music and its relationship to the left leaning labor movement. These bands aren’t nazis, but they are American nationalists with narrow, socially conservative views and an even narrower view of masculinity. They do a disservice to true skins and the working class. Many of these bands sound like Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity with a punk soundtrack behind them. That’s not punk and certainly not Oi! May I remind many of our younger viewers that the Business covered Crass and many in the early Oi scene were either members or sympathizers of the Socialist Workers Party.


    1. That American nationalism represents a fascist current that we most certainly oppose. The point here is that even though they change and evolve, they still have the kernal of Nazi ideology that we oppose.


    1. Yes, Oxblood has a multiracial line-up. We explain this more thoroughly in other articles on this, but Oxblood and related bands are part of an attempt by some skinhead organizations to find allies with nationalists/fascists of other racial groups. They, for example, ally closely with Japanese nationalist organizations that owe more to Imperial Japanese fascism and State Shinto than to Nazi Germany. They are especially drawing connections with Latino nationalists. If you look at their lyrics, however, and their connections to fascist street violence and organizing, the roots of their politics is made clear. More importantly, they continue to make their shows(like this one) an accessible organizing point for racist skinhead gangs(including the ones that do not allow for allyship with nationalists of color). The members of Oxblood still profess racial nationalism, but they do eschew the traditional interpersonal separatism that you would normally expect from Nazi skinheads.

      Point is, this particular show represents a certain amount of complexity on the far right, and one that we should continue to remain abreast of as anti-fascists.


  3. I support opposing Neo-nazi bands. What happens in the states? Do you fight them on the streets like we used to in the uk? We won the argument here for the most part.

    ‘white noise’ refers to the sound spectrum not skin colour:

    Also heathen harvest are not an extreme right wing blog. There is a very wide range of music represented there.


    1. We wrote an article on Heathen Harvest, it is an openly allied publication with nationalist and fascist movements. It is, however, a little more nuanced than traditional neo-Nazi publications.


  4. Calling on my Antifa comrades… we need to stop Neo- Nazi sponsor Jimmy Gestapo AKA James Drescher of the cocaine drug dealing band Murphy’s law as well.
    The same Nazi’s who were coming to black bear will also be in Amityville long island June 30th when Jimmy gestapo’s drug fueled violent Murphy law’s appears there.


    1. Can you please cite one bit of proof that Jimmy G or Murphy’s Law is a “Neo-Nazi drug dealer”? Because that’s kind of absurd.


  5. Correction the Neo-Nazi Murphy’s law Show lead by Nazi Jimmy Gestapo AKA (James Drescher) is July 30th in Amityville Long island at Amityville Music Hall, Amityville, NY with the some of the same Nazi bands who played the Nazi fest in Brooklyn that got cancelled Who will Show up at.

    Here’s a picture of Neo- Nazi Sponsor Jimmy Gestapo AKA (James Drescher)


    1. Hey Antfa! My band is playing that show with Murphy’s law, and Jimmy G is our brother. We’ve known him for many years and calling him a nazi is ludicrous! You have a lot of nerve spreading these lies, but I guess it’s easy these days with the anonymity of the Internet. You’re nothing but a coward! If you have something to say grow some balls and say it to our faces. Otherwise get a life and do something constructive instead of calling out people who you don’t know about shit that couldn’t be farther from the truth!


  6. Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying! Do you people do any research before posting this shit? How do you not know who Jimmy G or Murphy’s Law is? Jimmy is a DMS guy and I don’t care what all these so called antifascists say, we were witness to the real scary nazis that showed up at every show in the 80s, and the DMS guys were the ones who took them on and beat them out of New York! To call him or anyone associated with him a nazi is ludicrous! It’s a shame that the Internet has enabled a bunch of cowards to say whatever they want without having to identify themselves or back up what they say with facts.


  7. To Bad Keith is a Junkie and a full two face LIER! . who depends on Gestapo for his crack head Drug fix habit…In his failing attempt to cover up for Jimmy gestapo Who plans to secretly have Nazi Richard Spencer as speaker guest on stage with him at it’s Not Dead 2.
    SAT August 26th 2017
    San banbardino California
    Glen Helen Amphitheater…


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