Stand Against “The Infidels” in London

The Infidels is a deeply Islamaphobic and open neo-Nazi offshoot organization from the English Defense League, which was formed to try and force Muslims out of Europe at any cost.  In the wake of the Paris attacks Islamaphobia and refugee blame is rampant, even though it is clear that the terrorists were French citizens and not refugees.  This does not matter as gangs of right-wing populists have attacked refugee camps outside of Paris, and now the Infidels are marching against Muslim immigration in North London.

In response, anti-fascists are organizing to show that refugees are welcome and that no one is illegal.  The counter action is called A Day to Celebrate Diversity and is going to stand directly against the forces of organized reactionaries.

On Saturday the 21st of November a fascist group – “The infidels of North Wales” – plan to hold a rally in Llangefni. Our event aims to draw as many people as possible to Llangefni on the same day, to show our comittment to diversity and multi-culturalism. We will peacefully celebrate our values.

More information will be added as we make plans for the day. In the meantime, feel free to invite your friends.

We stand with all those who are going to rise up to protect Muslim comrades and community members, especially against vile racists who use tragedy to create a fascist movement.  Their own website says that they are “a political movement for (the indigenous people of Europe) to take our country back.”  It could not be clearer than that.

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