The Complete Anti-Fascist Reading List

The term “fascism” has been thrown around left circles for decades as a proxy for authoritarianism, racism, or both. This inability to properly define and understand how fascist movements erupt and grow has created a deficit in organizing, and as we head into a Trump presidential administration and the massive growth of the Alt Right and white nationalism organizers across the left need the tools to break down these movements and how they work. There have been a lot of “reading lists” put out recently, so we thought we would compile one of our own that combines a whole number of threads that are important for understanding how fascism works. This includes detailed looks at the Alt Right, the more mainstream “Alt Lite,” the role of Neofolk and goth music, white nationalist organizing, the history of white nationalist violence, how the revival of scientific racism works, how anti-Semitism plays out, and all the other tentacles that make the intersectional beast of the new fascist movement.

This list of readings is far from complete, and this page is going to continue to be updated as we add new sections and flesh out the ones that are here. If you think there are some great ones that are missing, let us know, and also know that it is the writings, videos, and audio recordings below that make up a lot of the thinking that goes into this website. We have also angled the list below more in favor of newer articles as well as ones that are generally accessible(though there are a few academic ones dotted in there).


Alt Right


Alt Lite




White Nationalist Organizing




Scientific Racism


Defining Fascism


Queerness and Fascism


Esoteric Fascism


National Anarchism


Third Position


White Nationalist Violence


Conspiracy Theory


Militia Movement


Donald Trump and White Nationalism


Anti-Fascist Organizing


24 thoughts on “The Complete Anti-Fascist Reading List”

  1. While I am flattered to be included in your little book club, I would point out that the article “Fascism Against Time: Nationalism, Media Blindness, and the Cult of Augustus Sol Invictus” was actually the third in a series of three articles by Mr. Burley. Here they are in order:

    1. Imperium and the Sun:

    2. Fascist Performance Art:

    3. Fascism Against Time:

    It makes no sense to list one without the others. It’s like watching Star Wars Episode VI without having watched Episodes IV and V. But then again, I guess no one would accuse Antifa of trying to be logical.

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  2. Reblogged this on AS THE WORLD BURNS and commented:
    Happy New Years! Here is a good reading list for understanding the enemy. There is a lot of work to do in 2017 for those of us on the side of life and liberation. White supremacists might be tough on the internet but we can never let them take the streets! Let’s make Trump the last flail of a dying settler colonialism.


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