Who Drives This Truck?

A supporter recently sent over a photo of a commercial-appearing truck headed down Interstate-5 driving between Eugene and Portland.  The truck itself is emblazoned with a large Swastika on one side and says “Jews Lies Matter,” a mash up of traditional Nazi anti-Semitism and the Black Lives Matter phenomenon.  It is unusual to see someone this brazen about their Nazism in public, a phenomenon that results from the mainstreaming of white nationalism from the Alt Right and the Donald Trump campaign.  After running his license plate we found that he has an atrocious driving record, but who is he?

We thought we would crowd source this to all of our anti-fascist readers.

His license plate number is 041 EYW.


22 thoughts on “Who Drives This Truck?”

  1. His name is Sam Hyde, he’s well known in far right circles for being a dangerous psychopath. If you see this truck coming you better got out of the way.


  2. It’s driven by the KKK white supremacist klansman Sam Hyde, who has a long record of violent attacks against peaceful african-americans who weren’t even doing nothing and was rumored to have had a hand in the Orlando shooting be careful of him and people like him
    #ImWithHer #HillYes


  3. After doing a bit of digging, I’ve discovered the owner of the truck’s name is Sam Hyde, a notorious White Supremacist and lynching enthusiast.


  4. Big surprise- a bunch of Nazi scumbags have infiltrated this thread and are spreading misinformation about this truck belonging to Sam Hyde.

    Eat a bullet Nazi scum!!!


  5. Info has been confirmed. Here is this d-bags info.

    Jimmy Marr

    1321 G St,
    Springfield, OR 97477

    license plates:
    041 EYW
    WUW 245


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