Soldiers of Odin Plan Meet-Up in Lodi Lake, CA on April 30th

A big thanks comes to Heathens United Against Racism, who did a large amount of research for this article.

The reframing of Syrian refugee migration into Europe and the United States is critical to the messaging of the racist right-wing.  Instead of seeing these as rightful refugees of an incredibly violent, war-torn region, they are instead painted as “invading hordes.”  The dehumanization of these immigrants of color is obvious, but it is also an effort by Alt Right voices to reframe the discussion in terms of their own interpretation of pre-modern tribal norms.  The term “hordes” inspires the listener to immediately apply “barbarian” to it, which inclines them to think in an “us and them” mentality.  The idea here is to begin thinking of people of European ancestry, specifically Northern Europe, as a distinct “tribe” with its own interests.  This is opposed to the universal morality that sees actions within the same moral framework whether they happen to someone of a similar ethnic background or someone from a distant country with different customs and religious practices.  To see the refugees as “invaders” is to then see the need to protect the “tribe” from the immigrant populations that you are absolved of the responsibility to care about.

This shift in perspective plays directly in the new Soldiers of Odin phenomenon, a group of people who are trying to “defend” European nations and the U.S. from these refugees.  Playing on fallacious notion that the refugees are responsible for increased rates of crime and sexual violence, they have created an impetus that street vigilante action against non-white people is necessary.  The “Odinic” reference is also key as Odinism/Asatru, as a resurrection of the ancient Nordic pagan religion, is often interpreted racially, using the pseudoscientific concept of “meta-genetics” to say that the Nordic Gods are literally a part of the psyche of people deriving from Northern Europe.

The Soldiers of Odin were created in Kemi, Finland in October of 2015, towards the beginning of what is now phrased as the “refugee crisis.”  This was created to be a street gang that would patrol areas with asylum seekers, often appearing as a motorcycle gang or mirroring white tribalist groups like the Wolves of Vinland.  The founder of the movement, Mike Ranta, was close to the nationalist Finnish Resistant Movement, as well having a 2005 conviction for a racist attack that injured two victims.

The group’s dynamics of racial violence seem obvious, but they have grown over the last five months, creating locals all over Europe and moving into several places in the United States.  The process began by creating multiple Facebook groups, all with lax security protocols, that have open racialist understandings of who the “invaders” are.  Even with this white nationalist slant, the growth of these groups has been incredible and the numbers of people unaffiliated with the racialist movement at large has been striking.  Large numbers have been coming directly from the Odinist/Asatru movement, even beyond the explicitly racialist forms.

Among these new groups is one for Colorado, with members running the gamut.  This includes the Gothi, or clergy, of the Eagles of Yggdrasil, a folksih heathen kindred.

Canadian locals have popped up with common membership, indicating that there is likely less local organizing happening as much as a few enthusiastic metal-head racists who are creating these groups for different regions in the hopes that it will spark some growth.  The blog Anti-Racist Canada has reported on this growth, noting that the nativist Canadians United 4 Canada have begun to ally with neo-Nazis in the Soldiers of Odin project.  Charlene O’Farrell, who started that group on Facebook, has posted long diatribes in support of the Soldiers of Odin to start “protecting Canada and us(sic) women, children and even men who can’t defend themselves from being attacked or rapped(sic) if this should happen here in Canada.”

Dave FightingBack, a Facebook name, has also been a high profile member organizing in Canada, known for neo-Nazi connections, has sent back the kind words to O’Farrell.  Anti-Racist Canada further exposed several of the SOO organizers who were sporting neo-Nazi tattoos and images, Confederate battle flags, and “seig heiling” in various social media posts.  Several of them are members of known skinhead gangs, affiliated with Blood and Honor “white noise” music networks, and sporting Rock Against Communism and Totenkopf t-shirt images.  This includes one SOO organizer, Kory Knowles, who, among being friends with O’Farrell, is also friends with open Creativity Movement followers.  It would appear that, at least in Canada, the SOO movement is almost entirely run by neo-Nazi skinheads looking for a political crossover, and the crossover between them and Canadians United 4 Canada has led many open neo-Nazis to now be made admins of the Canadians United 4 Canada Facebook group.

Now the Soldiers of Odin have organized a “meet-up” event for those interested in their racist organizing project, one that is not a public event and instead a private gathering dedicated towards furthering organizing projects.  In California, a meet-up is planned for April 30th at Lodi Lake Park, in Lodi, CA.  Topher Justis, one of the U.S. Soldiers of Odin organizer who has been active online, seems to be one of the key organizers of this.

In an effort to call attention to the racial violence that is embedded in the Soldiers of Odin project, as well as to demoralize their plans, this would be a great event to have an anti-fascist contingent attempt to attend and counter-protest.  If you would like to go under the radar, you could also attend and send in a report back that could further aid anti-fascist counter organizers to give inside information on plans, specific organizers, and hard information.


11 thoughts on “Soldiers of Odin Plan Meet-Up in Lodi Lake, CA on April 30th”

  1. “Playing on fallacious notion that the refugees are responsible for increased rates of crime and sexual violence…”

    Fallacious? You’re saying the news stories about rapes and murders are all fictitious?

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  2. I am Charlene O’Farrell and I am really getting sick and tired of this racist card being pulled. I will continue to support the Soldier Of Odin world wide, as they are doing what our Governments are suppose to do “Protect the citizens”. I am not a Nazi or a racist and I nor do I hate, because I feel that Canadians who go without should get the same kind of help as these so called refugees, makes me all of these? I stand for Canada laws and our way of life, and each and every Canadian who goes without. Islamic laws have no place here in Canada and Canadians United 4 Canada will fight to not have our laws and way of life not changed.

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    1. Hello Charlene,

      It is pretty hard to believe that you are “not a Nazi or a racist” when your friends list is literally filled with the most extreme edge of neo-Nazi skinheads. The organizing seems to be done by explicit racial nationalists, and they are clearly racially motivated mob violence. How do you explain the involvement of so many neo-Nazis from around Canada? Will you disavow them now?

      Also, it is just embarrassing if you actually think that Canada is somehow going to institute Sharia Law because of refugee immigration. That is seriously delusional, conspiratorial thinking.


      1. Do you people even see what is going on in Europe? I do not care if people are white or purple but clearly if they are Nazis why are they on my friends list, as I am not fully white I am half Native? All you people like to do is discriminate people and make up your own lies about people. You people need to wake the hell up and see what is going on right here in Canada, do you people even care about the Canadians that go without here?

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      2. antifascistfront, you must be unaware of how Islam has infiltrated Europe, or are being purposefully ignorant and in denial about the seriousness and reality of the situations. First you are clearly in error referring to anyone who is opposed to Islam a racist. Islam is the furthest thing from a “race” of any identifiable creed or colour. It also is NOT a religion. For there to be “no go zones” where law enforcement dare not tread in England alone, should be enough of a warning bell to anyone with half a brain that Islam is up to something dark and it isn’t for the betterment of the world. It is about them and their clear intentions of taking over from within. They are using our laws and our decency against us. “Conspiratorial thinking”? It only takes two people to conspire. Not a far fetched delusional concept at all. Why is this such a hard thing to grasp for leftist thinkers like yourself? Think for yourself. Open your damn eyes already and try to turn away from your deeply ingrained cognitive dissonance. Europe is on the verge of civil war. What more will it take for you to wake up? Also, our PM is clearly an Islamic sympathizer. Since you like using the words racist and nazi so much, take a stroll back in history and see how Nazi sympathizers affected the political climate back then. Dealing blows to concerned Canadians and labeling them, while defending a cult that is known in many countries for murders of gays, severe abuse of women, genital mutilation, pedophilia and the list goes on and on, makes me question your ability to judge anything with any amount of visible common sense. Maybe you have lived too long in a free country that others died to provide for you. You must think that freedom is somehow owned and you can never lose it. You may think the world is all the same and equal. To that you are so very very wrong in attacking those that are patriotic to a free country which you have been blessed to live in. If you really believe Islam is a religion of peace, maybe you should truly prove it to yourself and move to a country that enjoys the benefits and freedom of Sharia Law.

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  3. Do you have good sources on the violence in Europe? Good articles breaking it down? When people try to argue that “illegal immigrants” rape (white) women and are more prone to violence in the United States I can whip out statistics showing that this is not true and point out that they are more likely to be prosecuted and judged guilty than a white, presumed citizen rapist. Our problems with “rapists going free” are endemic issues based in sexism and sex-as-control-mechanism. I can’t easily pull this info for europe, and I don’t have a few years to do the research myself right now.


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