#Cuckservative: How the “alt right” Took Off Their Masks and Revealed Their White Hoods

When the #Cuservative meme first came up we assumed that this would be dropped in a couple days, and therefore would not be worth commenting.  It quickly erupted as a “troll focused” group of internet white nationalists used it to attack mainstream conservatives from National Review to Congressional staffers.  Now a couple weeks later it is not only still a viable hashtag, but it is the talk of the town inside the “pro-white” camp.

So what is #Cuckservative?  Why is it unique?

Inside the discussions from white nationalists and racialists about the term Cuckservative, it is clear that they are not entirely sure where it came from.  If it did not come from them, it is certainly popularized by a growing website The Right Stuff.  They promoted the term on their site, their contributors have been using it over and over again under fake Twitter accounts, and they have gone on more popular racist podcasts and websites to discuss the phenomenon.  The term draws from the world cuckold, a concept where by one male has sex with an other male’s female.  This idea has long been a lurid fascination for those with open anti-black bigotry, one that has existed through history in literature like Othello and even occurs naturally when one species of bird lays their eggs in another species’ nest.  White nationalists continue to focus on illusionary concepts like dramatic “group differences” between the races, often accusing African Americans of lower IQs yet large genitals.  This is a way of assuming them more animal-like qualities, but also drawing on folk myths about black male sexuality to demean them.  The flip side of this is that it also assumes them power, one where by the black male is more virile and sexually satisfying than they are.  The fear is then always that they will be cuckolded by having their white partner be seduced by the “sexually and physically superior” person of a different race.  This is both fetishized and feared, and gives us a quick insight into the profoundly disturbed mind of those advocating open racial separation.  Even the most basic discussion of this includes some of the most vile racism that has creeped its way into the 21st century, reminding us the visceral hatred that some people have towards black men.

So why call conservatives Cuckservative?  They regularly advocate for an ethnic politic based on “protecting your own.”  They assume then that white people have distinct racial interests, which are then harmed when non-white groups gain power or are allowed into the society through immigration.  They are then accusing mainstream conservatives who have began to shift (very, very little) to racial inclusivity of being cuckolded by racial minorities.  These Republicans are acting in someone else’s interests at the cost of their own, and therefore are politically a cuckold.

If we are even to ignore the clearly misogynist and racist surface elements of the cuckold name, its popularity and use reveals something very clear about the growing above-ground far-right movement.  To do this, looking at The Right Stuff makes some sense.  This is one of the more disgusting and offensive sectors of the “alternative right” or “neo-reaction” where they choose to openly use racial slurs, degrade women and rape survivors, mock the holocaust and call for violence against Jews.  Their podcast, The Daily Shoah, which is a play on The Daily Show and the Yiddish term for The Holocaust, is a roundtable discussion of different racists broadcasting under pseudonyms.  Here they do voice “impressions” of Jews, and consistently use terms like “Nig Nog,” “Muds(referring to “mud races,” meaning non-white), and calling people of African descent “Dingos.”  The N-word, homophobic slurs, and calls for enforced cultural patriarchy and heteronormativity are commonplace.  Now, this may be what you would expect from a crowd like this, but this is no longer the norm.  The use of rhetoric like this is almost entirely missing from groups like American Renaissance, Counter-Currents, Radix Journal, Alternative Right, and even Stormfront, the main hub for racist groups who recently banned swastikas and racial slurs.  On these various news sites and publishers, you will find a lot of discussions about philosophical “ethnonationalism,” discussions of group differences through “human biological diversity,” and many topics that are often the property of the left such as critiques of state authoritarianism and capitalism.

As this shift in the public far-right discourse happens, The Right Stuff and the Daily Shoah stand out as having a sort of “old school racist” dialogue.  This does not, however, actually leave them on the margins of the movement.  Within the first few days of this #cuckservative Twitter trend the main host of The Daily Shoah, named “goy” from the assumed name that Jewish people have for Gentiles, came onto Richard Spencer’s Radix Journal Podcast to discuss it.  This is the same podcast that, in the next episode, hosted former National Review columnist and VDare founder Peter Brimelow.  Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents, which focuses on their pseudo-intellectual pedigree with attempts at high-brow discussions, jumped down in the mud and actually went on The Daily Shoah and joined in as they constantly called people “N—–s.”  These were only a few of the more “respectable” racists that joined in with this meme, openly supporting The Right Stuff for continuing their work.

It has been long said by Radix founder Richard Spencer that it would be good if people were immediately confused by Radix and thought that it was a website of “far-left” ideas.  Much of this comes from his desire to break from mainstream conservatism, but also to believe that they are beyond “conventional right and left.”  With this you may actually, on first glance, not correlate many of the more popular white nationalist publications and sites to neo-Nazis and the KKK, but the new support of #Cuckservative is revealing.  Underneath the surface language, the coloring and aggression, is a common politic and an open support of one for the other.  What this means is essentially that Radix and Counter-Currents are the same as The Daily Shoah, though they prefer a different script and are targeted towards a college educated crowd rather than a blue collar one.  The Right Stuff tries to mimic the aggression and reactionary insults of right-wing talk radio like Rush Limbaugh, while Radix would love to look a lot more like that trendy Critical Theory journal young grad students are clamoring to be published in.  In the end, however, they both share the same ideas about race and gender.  What separates them?  The thin politics of respectability, and with the open support of The Right Stuff they have lifted this veil and have shown them for what they really are.

So why is #cuckservative trending now?  Well it comes in the direct admiration that many of these people, The Daily Shoah especially, are having for Donald Trump.  This should not be interpreted as the same kind of support they would have had for former candidates like Pat Buchanan or David Duke, but they enjoy the callous and nativist/nationalist rhetoric that he has been throwing around, shifting the Republican primary discourse far to the right.  They like seeing him “Call out” his colleagues, bait women, and openly insults Latino immigrants from the southern border.  He is doing more than “dog whistle” politics, he is openly playing footsy with his racist base.  This has allowed racialist discourse to shift into the public, making #cuckservative an accusation that mainstream Republicans feel like they have to answer to.  And there have even been some clear support from institutional GOP supporters, with people from Breitbart often supporting the nationalists as they call other conservatives “cucks.”

As the “alternative right” attempts to come in as a viable radical alternative to “liberalism” and “multiculturalism” we need to continue to point out that they are discredited and disgusting fascist notions repackaged in fancy internet language.  Cuckservative is a reminder that under their overly-complicated rhetoric, is an angry white man, yelling at his computer because he cannot give up the mild amount of privilege he has been given through the suffering of people of color.

58 thoughts on “#Cuckservative: How the “alt right” Took Off Their Masks and Revealed Their White Hoods”

  1. Guys, I don’t think any of us on the alt-right would have fought you too hard when the accusations of fascism came up. We have no problem admitting that we’re all at least half fash. .


  2. Mild correction- we call them “dindus” which is a play on “HE A GOOD BOY, HE DINDU NUFFIN” which we hear from your beloved blacks every time a cop has to put one of the feral ones down. Also, neoreaction is one word, and the Daily Shoah is hosted by Seventh Son and Mike Enoch. Let me know if you need any other corrections!


    1. Oh, some other factoids- the Daily Shoah is primarily a comedy podcast. I’m sure the idea of irreverent humor is lost upon you guys, but do try to bear with us. I know it’s hard losing all the time, but maybe if you did a little more research you’d go farther in life.

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      1. Let me ask you a question. When did we lose? Did we lose in WWII when your fatherland was carpet bombed? Did we lose when National Action hid from Antifa in a garage last week? Did we lose as racism, sexism, homophobia all have become pariah opinions marginalized to your basement? When was this losing happening?


      2. You lost when Lee Kuan Yew proved to the world that fascism works. You lost when George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson walked free. You lost when the nation saw the violence and unrest in Ferguson and Baltimore decided that they were done with this dindu nonsense. You lost when the number one presidential candidate right now can openly take a dump on feminism and open borders. You lost when #GamerGate undermined and destroyed your leftist nonsense in nerd culture and tech. You lost when the Puppies effectively took control of the Hugo Awards and are already poised to do it again next year.

        Also LEL at the idea that I’m hiding in my basement- if you followed us on 8chan you’d know that I’m enjoying a happy vacation in Maine with my family.

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      3. Actually, Lee Kuan Yew only proves that you can have racialized failed states in the modern world that still cling to superstitions like nationalism. The trials of George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson started the black lives matter movement that is literally creating a ground-up insurrection, dismantling old police structures, and attacking institutional racism at its core. There is literally no time in American history with more consciousness about smashing racism. Gamer Gate was an embarrassment that showed that MRAs are just repressed rape-fantasizing women haters, not to mention that their internet focus on videogame culture showed how they lack even basic understandings of social systems and politics.

        Your “Utopia” is fan fiction for angry white men who hate that they aren’t the head of the neighborhood anymore. There is literally not factual basis for your racial or ethnic claims, yet you cloak deep seated reactionary hatred in pseudointellectual. Since you generally aren’t very smart, you probably think that these websites and “journals” actually do mimic academic discourse.

        Do you think that you would be at the top of this hierarchy you want to build? You would be oppressed by overlords just as you want to do to others, there is literally zero for you to materially gain.

        But hey, I guess feeling safe from your crippling racial fear is worth any kind of repression. Good slave, don’t fight for your own interests, instead identify with white group think and do what your masters tell you to so that they can keep their position of control.


    2. Thank you for notifying about mistakes. We literally do not want to misrepresent anything, it does us no good to lie about facts. We are not as well versed as yourself in much of the slang and injokes from the neoraction(would TRS be considered neoreaction?), so those are things we may get wrong on the first time out. The term “catlady” took us a minute.

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      1. “Your “Utopia” is fan fiction for angry white men who hate that they aren’t the head of the neighborhood anymore.”

        That’s a rational reaction of any group. But the ugly truth about the White situation today is that he is not just slowly slipping from predominance in the societies he lives in. He’s being made – like the Kulak of old – the scapegoat for the failure of the Utopian egalitarianism. I’m sure you welcome the day the knives come for us – you’ll probably be holding one I’d guess. But that’s exactly why we must fight. It’s also a completely rational reaction to the situation.


      2. Only if you think that there is an advantage for fighting within exclusive white identity as a point of survival. There is no historical, biological, or socially stable reason for this, instead it would make much more clear sense to identify with class circumstances to change the social structure.


      3. Only if you think that there is an advantage for fighting within exclusive white identity as a point of survival.”


        From the abstract: “Recent agent-based computer simulations suggest that ethnocentrism, often thought to rely on complex social cognition and learning, may have arisen through biological evolution. From a random start, ethnocentric strategies dominate other possible strategies (selfish, traitorous, and humanitarian) based on cooperation or non-cooperation with in-group and out-group agents.”

        Oh, wrong again dude! Not only is ethnocentrism biologically adaptive it is highly successful. There is more to life than Marxism, you know that right? Dear me, I love when Marxists whom regularly decry race as a ‘social construct -idiotically not realizing that social constructs and biological realities aren’t mutually exlcusive – then proceed to drone on about how we should unite according to this inchoate idiocy called ‘class’. The ultimate ‘social construct’. LOL


      4. Wow, you found an academic article that uses incredibly marginalized game theory and then applied it to racial groups, which it would not even recognize as legitimate biological in groups. Even in the paper itself it notes that “phenotypical qualities rarely create social sub-groups, those are social identifications arbitrarily selected.” This is what happens regularly with the far right, they find singular academic sources that they are literally not educated enough to interpret, then try to quote them to win arguments on internet. Bravo.

        What I actually find much more embarrassing here is that you don’t seem to have even the most basic understanding of Marxism. I, nor anyone at this site, nor the vast majority of the anti-fascist left, identifies with Marxism at all. Not to mention that your “cutlural Marxism” is not an idea on the left, but one you actually wholesale manufactured to give continuity to your insane conspiracy theories about Jewish academics. You seriously need to read a book.


      5. “instead it would make much more clear sense to identify with class circumstances to change the social structure”

        So you advocate class based solidarity, I call it Marxism and then you laugh at me. Riiiiggghhhhttttt. Done now, you’re clearly not arguing in good faith.

        Too bad, the rest of your crummy little drivel engine doesn’t seem to get any comments whatsoever.

        See ya.


  3. Preach on! We must not hold back or stand for these pathetic losers on the “dissident right”! I bet they won’t advocate their bullshit when they have a few SWATting incidents, or if someone was to find where they live! We must not let opinions like these be expressed or allowed.


    1. Being called a cuckold has been an insult used in other countries even before it become popular at alt-right websites. In portuguese the gesture of placing two index fingers on either side of the head means you are calling them a cuckold and it is widely recognized and considered very insulting. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/portugal/5732401/Portuguese-minister-resigns-after-making-cuckold-gesture-to-opposition-MP.html

      It’s funny that you guys call yourselves antifascist when you are clearly fascist yourselves. A truely antifacist person wouldn’t hold such iron-fisted opinions and celebrate people becoming social pariahs for simply holding different beliefs than their own. Morally you are no better than your enemies. At least the alt-right has the honesty to admit that they are not tolerant of others who differ from them whereas you guys are wolves who put on sheep’s clothing; pretending to be open-minded and for freedom when in reality you are against all those things. You are the authoritarians of the new orthodoxy that tries to silence anyone who challenges it.


      1. Morally? We use fascist to identify the broad new right as Greg Johnson from Counter Current defines it himself. We don’t care about tolerance, we care about ridding the world of racist and hierarchical social system and movements. What you think about the morality of this fight means nothing since there are more of us, and we always win.


  4. Hey,

    I’m from the alt-right and didn’t think this was a terrible review. I’d say, though, that their style at The Daily Shoah owes more to Opie and Anthony than Rush Limbaugh. I’ts a comedy podcast mainly and the comment section is really involved with many people becoming friends IRL as a result.

    In other words, we’re a living movement. Also, we’re the rebels now, antifa. I expect you know that deep down, that rather than being a benighted vanguard leading a populist revolution you’re actually just doing the grubby legwork of the capitalist/corporate state. How shameful for you.

    Be well.


    1. Ha, well seeing as bigotry and white supremacy are the foundations of hierarchical capitalist society, you are the gate keepers of the status quo.

      Also, we do appreciate your comments about the tone of the show. It does, however, seem to be more politically centered than Opie or Anthony would be, and covers a lot of news stories, so it seems a little more in line with Rush.

      One question I would have for you is how do you actually see any of this happening? White nationalists are literally the worst organizers we have ever seen, its almost as if they have zero sensibility on how to accomplish anything. From listening to Daily Shoah, it sounds like they actually believe internet trolling is the same as movement building. It is incredibly embarrassing.

      One other question, how did you find this article? Is sounds like you all are becoming our biggest fans(big blush).


      1. “Ha, well seeing as bigotry and white supremacy are the foundations of hierarchical capitalist society, you are the gate keepers of the status quo.”

        Tell me, if this were true then why do nearly all respectable establishment parties in the West explicitly exclude and legally proscribe the actions of their racially aware symptoms? Why does Donald Trump – a man only running an implicit at best WN campaign – get endlessly smeared and marginalized by the party of corporate America? Why does Theresa May – the alleged conservative – erect anti-extremist laws directed in part against the sort of ‘extremist’ vies racially aware Whites like myself propagate? Finally, why does this ‘white supremacist’ system erect asymmetrical multicultural policies – supported in the main by both parties – that penalize explicit, majority group consciousness and advocacy while simultaneously encouraging and subsidizing minority group advocacy?

        I think your analysis is nearly 100 years old. It doesn’t stand up to reason or evidence.

        “White nationalists are literally the worst organizers we have ever seen”

        LOL I won’t disagree with you there. I think our movement is appealing to a new generation disaffected by massive demographic shifts and bankrupt, anti-White propaganda. We need to learn from the past. I think – from my time especially in the comments section at various alt-right sites – that we are a young movement. Well-educated, articulate and internationally focused. I think we’re a lot like the Marxists of old, in many ways. I’m really excited to be in a vibrant – ha! – movement. We have fellowship, new ideas and old ones. It’s an exciting time.

        So to answer your question, I think we can make something that is more broadly appealing than thew WN of old. Also I think we have truth, science and the Logos of the Universe itself on our side. But that’s just my crazy assessment.

        “From listening to Daily Shoah, it sounds like they actually believe internet trolling is the same as movement building.”

        I think you’re wrong there, respectfully. It’s a powerful thing as we’ve learned with the recent #cuckservative phenomenon but that is just a small part of the process. We all know that the movement needs to extend beyond the virtual. We need to be careful – lovely freedom lovers like yourself are always vigilant – but the IRL contacts are growing.

        “One other question, how did you find this article? Is sounds like you all are becoming our biggest fans(big blush).”

        Another fascist posted it in the comments section at TRS.

        Finally, please fell free to comment and get involved at TRS. There is no censoring and I personally love some heterodox opinion every once in a while.

        Be well.

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      2. If bigotry and white supremacy are the foundations of hierarchical capitalist society, clearly White people can make racist jokes openly at work. I’ll wait while you try it.

        Instead, predictability and uniformity are what capitalism wants most. The corporate-industrial complex pretends to honor “diversity”, but its ultimate dream is a population of identical, docile mestizos who uncritically consume cheap product and shit out money. Any and all ethnic identity is an obstacle to the capitalist managerial state.

        White nationalism is at too early a stage to form a “movement”. We’re still marginal and still finding our voice. In other words, pay no mind – we’re only a bunch of 8chan lulzfags trolling. Nothing to see here.

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  5. We’ve reached Peak Racism. If there’s no tolerance for even mild racism, then there’s no additional penalty for extreme racism. You could have stopped this.

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  6. It’s ‘Dindus’ not ‘Dingos’.
    I don’t get what the big reveal is here.
    “The thin politics of respectability, and with the open support of The Right Stuff they have lifted this veil and have shown them for what they really are.”
    The Alt-Right has always been racially conscious and Pro-White. It’s never been respectable in the mainstream West because the mainstream is Cultural Marxist and anti-White.

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  7. You didn’t mention that Cuckservative was also heavily popularized by My Posting Career (mpcdot.com), a gay racist bodybuilding forum. Just a minor correction. C ya.


  8. I was going to write some detailed account of how I used to be an “anti-fascist” in my early 20s and how your cognitive dissonance and unconditional hatred of white people drove me to the alt-right but you wouldn’t read it.

    I’ll just say this. The alt-right is not 60+ year old tea partiers clutching their money. We’re young and we used to be you. By and large we were leftists, some even radical leftists. What made us change? You. We’re a reaction to you. The story is always the same. The unconditional anti-white hatred from you, your professors, and your brown pets drives these white kids away from leftism completely and in many cases to the extreme right. Do with that what you will.

    Oh and I love that you’re essentially admitting that you and your ideological brethren are now in power and we’re confined to our basements for fear of having our lives ruined for disagreeing with you. Who’s the fascist now?


  9. This is the future you chose. No matter what we did to try to prove we were not racist you still called us racist nazis. Well if I am going to do the time I might as well do the crime. Your days our numbered the dawn is coming.

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  10. Fascist: leftists are losers.
    SJW: we are the winners, we are on top, we have won, fascists are nothing but basement dwellers!
    Fascist: OK, so you’re now the establishment, and that would make us the rebels?
    SJW: No, we’re the rebels too, were downtrodden, were the losers!
    Fascist: so which is it? Winners or losers?
    SJW: Racist! /@:@;@)&)&&@misogyny@@!!!!!!!!!

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    1. Well seeing as you have never successfully organized in the modern world and your rallies have ten people tops, which one is the loser again? Last time the White Man’s march was called six jackasses in camo showed up and four hundred antifa supporters. Yeah, it is you who are winning.


  11. Antifascistfront, if “white supremacy (is) the foundations of hierarchical capitalist society”, why are all those in charge Jews?


    1. Hahaha, this is where you insert insane conspiracy theories about how Jews are responsible for everything. How do they accomplish this exactly? Do they have a psychic connection between each other so that they can orchestrate this elaborate plan? Do they have genetic programming that allows them to just know how and what to do? Do Hasidic Jews with no connection to modern technology and politics somehow control world affairs? Do people who may have only the tiniest genetic markers together somehow have some historical memory? This is where you really embarrass yourselves.


  12. Dingo.. Dindu… Doesn’t matter, when you act like a wild animal, you run the risk of being put down like one by police.
    The mask of antifa starts to slip when I read about how you’re defending Muslims, while in reality Islamic countries would have you all hung for blaspheme and degeneracy. What you really are is anti-white.
    I get it. You believe that nationalism is like a religion. This is where you’re flawed. While religion takes faith to be a believer, nationalism is just a natural occurrence that stems from our ancestral roots with tribal societies. You basically scream like a bunch of spoiled children that everyone deserves to have pride in their race, religion, and culture, except for whites.
    But go ahead, keep telling yourselves how awesome and oppressed you all are. It’s cute.


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